Steemace is only for Gaming content - what is meant by that specifically?

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The launch of Steemace was not even one week ago and already hundreds of people have posted great content on Steemace. While we said that the platform is only for Gaming content, we haven't yet specified what kind of content Steemace was not created for.
This post hopefully clears up any remaining unclarities regarding content that's not allowed on Steemace.

Topics Steemace IS for

  • Game reviews
  • Let's Plays
  • Game streams
  • Esports
  • News about games
    (= Basically any content that is about "electronic games")
  • Non-electronic strategy games like "Magic: The Gathering"
  • Non-electronic RPGs like "Pen and Paper"

Topics Steemace IS NOT for

  • Traditional board games like Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, etc.
  • Sports (e.g. "Barcelona wins 2:0 against Juventus")
  • Gambling

We know that sometimes it may still not be certain whether a post belongs to Steemace or not. If you are unsure you can always just go ahead and ask us on Discord!
You can join our community Discord over this link: Steemace Discord

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Thanks for the clarification, I was preparing a whole bunch of posts regarding gambling games.

I guess this counts out drinking games as well (lol)

If you can't include drinking games...... Then is #steemace even a site for gaming?? Everyone loves a good drinking game, so feel free to share with us any aftermath pictures you have. Lol 😉

wish it had been around for all of my old game posts lol👍

@ladywalker, I suppose AR and VR games would fall within the definition of ''electronic games'', right?

Yes @devann

No gambling? That sucks. You can gamble on any game. Is golf a game?

Only if you write about a electronic golf game for a console or the PC.
If you mean golf as sports your post is perfect for

What about screengolf? Where you use real clubs and balls but no course just lazers and a screen?

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Interesting question! It is allowed, as there is enough electronic involved making it also a game. It goes into a similar direction like Nintendo Wii, where you have to move your body for doing things on the screen.

Hmmm.. separating out board games, sports, and gambling seems like an odd move. Especially when electronic counterparts (ex. Nba live) start pushing a gray zone.

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@videosteemit We updated our guidelines for what content is allowed:

It's more clear now and we included boardgames.

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What about Euchre?

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Oh! Well that's a bummer. I was thinking and hoping and assuming that board game content would be welcome here.

Is there a reason chess strategy wouldn't be welcome here? Or Monopoly (which is experiencing a resurgence?) and where do you draw the line as far as classic games go? Axis and Allies? Settlers of Catan?

And what about online poker, which is an electronic game for many, but also a classic game, and gambling.

@improv We updated the guidelines regarding what content is allowed. You can find it here:

All board games are allowed, Poker is also allowed because there is enough skill included.

Glad you're allowing that content! I do disagree that REAL gaming is electronic, but since it doesn't change what you're allowing, it doesn't matter. ;P
Here's a couple grey areas to consider:
Party games with skill, including You Don't Know Jack, which is electronic
Improv games especially skill based ones.
Game shows, especially posts related to actually participating in them.

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Also, it's called steem ace, which made me think of card games in particular.

Thanks for running this platform! I appreciate it!:D

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As far as I know battlegames was made for blockchain gaming in the first place. SteemAce was made for all kinds of gaming. We believe there is a place for both platforms, because there are a lot of gamers and great authors that deserve more attention. We also created our account with a lot of SP and PAL for boosting great gaming content on other scot tribes as well, giving our authors more reach.

We started our platform with a clear long term plan to make it a success. We already have plans for advertisement outside of Steem. We have multiple moderators and admins ensuring a good token distribution to our authors so that one day the platform is self moderated by its real gaming users. It will take a while of course but we are on a good way.

We are happy about your support, thanks for that!

Your welcome @thebluewin , thanks for your awesome reply and clarification. There is definitely a place for both platforms! 🙋😎🎮👍