Flag war with a dipshit and his stolen images

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Got my self in a flag war

So I have found my self a pile shit that has opened so many accounts to upvote his "images".

This person has not liked this much and is not flag my post my comments and any poat I Resteem.

How this all started

How I had figured out this person call @alwaysbaked is upvoting him self was they fact I kept seeing his shit post with 1 image no words and getting only .02 to .05 but always having 12 or so votes. At this point I was curious to see who was voting for him as I am with a lot people.

All the accounts

Turns out this @alwaysbaked has created who knows how many account but here is the photos and the accounts of his own that I found to be upvoting this dipshit.
#1 @tomhanx dipshit1
As you can see he move funds to @Tomhanx and then to steemauto.
You can the see he did the same thing from @tomhanx to these accounts aswell

The first account is a clear shill account

Second account is a clear shill @flippinchikinz
The third account is a clear shill @tupacshakur Screenshot_20180321-182449.jpg

Fourth shill account
@timjordans https://steemit.com/@timjordans/transfers

Fifth shill account
@letitbedude https://steemit.com/@letitbedude/transfers

sixth shill account
@hererjack https://steemit.com/@hererjack/transfers

seventh shill account
@realornah https://steemit.com/@realornah/transfers

There is quite a few more accounts i am still looking into that may be this @alwaysbaked persons main accounts.
I still am unsure were @kainmarx plays out in all this but I would like to see what he has to say about alwaysbaked.
I will find out over next few days where the other accounts i have found have a link to alwaysbaked and the shill accounts and stolen images.
This right here is a great reason the blockchain is such a great tech.

Stolen images

Well in the end of all that maybe your not with me on the shill accounts and you think he is still a stand up steemian. I get that as we all wanna trust and believe in everyone on this platform like I do but let's call on @cheetah or @steemcleaners or @orginalworks or any other cleaning services to show all these stolen images.
I am gonna link the ones I find on his profile to the ones I find on Google.
I am 100% sure that all these are not his but I'll link the few I know are not just from past day or so.

Image 1 Screenshot_20180321-114619.jpg
His post https://steemit.com/marijuana/@alwaysbaked/stonerr--1521505215-7261338

Image 2
His post https://steemit.com/marijuana/@alwaysbaked/stonerr--1521505249

Third image
His post

Forth Image

His post

As You can see I could go on and in linking this dipshit who but I am hoping the bot we got on steem now find this post and clean this shill up.

I TRIED before the flag war or this post

So I did try to be a civil steemian and ask him to stop up voting with his shill accounts and to stop posting his stolen images.
Below is the comments back and forth


So that's how it all started and if you got your post flagged by this dipshit spammer i am sorry. Maybe we can help spread the word this dip shit is just using steem as a place to get money with out any effort by creating shit ton shill accounts.
I am think this @alwaysbaked is a a much larger person shill tons of accounts to make money and i will now find the person or person behind them all.
We can not have these kinda people that this ass wipe wants to be on steem between the shill accounts and the stolen images from any place the dipshit could find them.

So to the few people this dipshit downvoted i am sorry

Well you can count this will not be the end of my post to find the spammer behind all these accounts.. glad steem has a very nice paper trail to follow

SO smoke on and steem on my fellow steemians

This was posted from Smoke.Network


Awesome post! I like it :) 👍
You got an upvote!
For more upvotes follow this account 👊🏼

You can send all this information to @steemcleaners. They have a link for reporting bad guys at the bottom of each of their posts. This takes you to another site to report problems. I have started doing this a lot with comment spam but I have not run into this trouble you are having.

They are big enough to help without getting hurt. It's better than hurting yourself by engaging people like this. Good luck.

Thanks I hope to get attention of the bots but with out me flagging starting this it could go on for ever.
He is a small person I will be trying to flush outnmore anymore now to get dipshit like him to poat original photos

you Have NO idea how many accounts like this id like to flag.
But i know they'd flag my original content. kinda sucks people
can see who flagged them...

100% this dipshit is so mad he started to flag Resteem and a account I have as a free resteem.

I he has used all his account to down vote my comments good thing I got great followers and my post are to affected by his downvotes.

I am gonna be going over my feed and any one he downvoted I'll be paying to upvote.

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