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This is my entry for how Steem could improve. I have made some polls on Dpoll asking people how they feel and I make take some of that and apply it here. There is a contest where you make a post explaining how you feel steem can be better. Even if my ideas are not picked, still it could work in the future

This post will have more info
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This blog is going to my how I feel Steemit can be better. I feel helping out new/smaller accounts is the first step. Ending downvote wars, things that affect people on the platform.
Referal program
What about a referral program where everyone is given a link and if someone uses your link to join, you and the person get Steem? Put an IP tracker on the link or something so people can't cheat and make accounts with their links.

Improved down vote system
It's heartbreaking being a target of downvotes when you're doing nothing wrong or you don't know you're doing something wrong and the downvoters won't tell you. Back in 2018 a person flagged my posts and I had no idea what I had done wrong and assumed they are a troll. What about a system where you have to pick why you're flagging the post and you have to explain why the post is being flagged.

It's just not right to target someone because you don't like them or their content. They shouldn't miss out on rewards for that reason.

Daily rewards does this. They give everyone a free reward of Whalestake every 24 hours. Perhaps Steemit should do this but in Steem/SBD or in SP. This can help new users who may not earn much. It can help anyone even larger people in case they face a dip in income. I hear everyone say how there needs to be ways to help new users and this can be a start. Or give them the option to get it in Steem/SP or SBD.

Also, hold more giveaways and contests where people can win Steem/SBD.

Get Steem/SBD on more exchanges

Maybe if people had more options they can actively buy/sell Steem and this can help the price go up since it's been low for so long.

Getting Steemian's Feedback Before HardForks
Before you code a Hard fork, get the feedback of the Steemains to see how they feel. It's your platform but it's alive because of the Steemains who use it.

I vote for a content tag for good content so curators can find it easier.

I hold polls on Dpollxyz asking people their thoughts about Steemit. If needed, I can screenshot everyone's vote and pass it on to the Steemit discord or something after the post payout to give people time to see the poll or there is a tag I can make a blog post of everyone's answers and use said tag. Let me know a better method of getting to the devs. I can promote Steemit more in my YouTube videos to get people involved. YouTube is becoming a shit show and creators need a place to compensate their income. I can make a video about Steemit on YT and pass it around. Something to get others into the blockchain.

I started my feedback polls because I feel it's a good way to interact with others and get their thoughts on Steemit. Steemit making changes no one asked for will cause people to leave and that can hurt the Steem price. Keep people on the site not push them away.

These are the things I'd like to see on Steemit and can use my feedback polls passing it on to the devs to see if they agree. This can work if what I said works where the devs take our feedback before an update, then I can turn in my poll results.

You should listen to the people who are the sole reason your site is up and running, without us, Steemit wouldn't be as big as it is.


Some of these require changing what the STEEM system is about. Having a referral system and daily rewards will have to remove from the rewards poll and I think leaving it all to curators and authors is better.

I like your suggestion of having "Why did you downvote" button.

They are already taking Steemians feedback on hardforks, they make posts for them but they're just too technical and needs a lot of learning to understand them. Also, a hardfork isn't implemented until the majority of top witnesses agree to it (as far I know, I might be wrong.)

Well I don't always see the feedback posts. Just like when the dust threshold came in I didn't see it. Obviously I'm terrible at wanting things better but you know what they say. At least you tried.

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I think your best suggestion is: Choosing a reason to Downvote.

Getting STEEM on more exchanges would be good, but I fear we are heading in the wrong direction due to low volume.

Thank you for participating in this conversation. I have sent you 1 INCOME token as a type of prize.

Thank you for entering the Steem2020 Contest.

Some interesting ideas.

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