RE: We Are Still Very Early In This Game - $6/Steem Is Cheap

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We Are Still Very Early In This Game - $6/Steem Is Cheap

in steem2018 •  2 years ago 

Holy crap, I would be so rich if Steem hit $2,200! :P

I do however agree that Steem could go way over $100, but getting to $2,200 is ever higher than my own hopes and dreams.

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That's possible because what steem need is "us creating great content" and "spread the opportunity". Early birds have the biggest advantage on this game so we're so lucky.

Yeah, that's true. Once the "ball starts rolling" in terms of new users, we'll probably grow exponentially, and then we early adapters can start to celebrate ;)

I guess what's hard to imagine is the users who are already millionaires would, if they held become ... billionaires many times over... would they be trillionaires? anyways, it seems hard to imagine that.

Hehe, that's a crazy thought! It would be so cool if we got a Steem billionaire here at one point.

They'd be throwing around thousand dollar upvotes 😁

Even higher! With a billion dollar worth of Steem Power, a single upvote would be worth $4912.22 ;)

If Steem's value multiplied by 1000, someone who has a $2.5 million stake today would have $2.5 billion. It's a lot, but still a fraction of Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates's net worth. They're worth around 100 billion each!

Well, if we're talking founders, @ned has 4+million steem itself, at 2200 that'd be, yeah I guess merely 10billion dollars or so.

Still. :O

lol that's not so bad I suppose 😂

And, seeing as it's 10 times less than those other bozos, the implication would be that the wealth is at least a little more spread around amongst the people who are making this platform what it is. I sure haven't gotten any monero from Facebook.