We Are Still Very Early In This Game - $6/Steem Is Cheap

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Where do you think you and I are on this curve?

As I present the idea of the steem blockchain to people and steemit.com as an example, I am reminded constantly that you and I are not the average person. We are an incredible group of pioneers that discovered something way before it became popular.

Some may feel that it's unfair how much some people like me have SteemPower because I was there before the very first payout of steem on this faithful day of July 4th 2016...or by the fact that I was there when Steem was set to hyper-inflate. That may be true but it won't help them to make the best of the situation they are in right now nor will it change the fact that in 5 years, people will tell you they wish they were there when you were!

$6/Steem Is Still Very Cheap

  1. What is the value of a technology that allows the monetization of content without ads?
  2. What is the value of a technology that allows you to transfer infinite amount of value, in 3 seconds, with no fees?
  3. What is the value of dozens of social media websites built on top of that technology?
  4. What is the value of a technology that allows each of those websites to have their own reward tokens(Smart Media Tokens), launch ICOs and a zero-fee decentralized exchange?

I'm telling you my friends, we are still early and $6/Steem is really cheap when you realize the real value of such technology.

The proper attitude

So what is the proper attitude to take when we face that information? What mind frame each of us must take to maximize our experience and opportunity on this platform?

1- Take Massive Action

This thing is no joke and if you succeed at playing the steem game, add value, connect with influencers and work hard to make this place better...sooner or later, your rewards will climb. I've seen it happen. Late comers running surpassing account in terms of influence and value.

These people TAKE MASSIVE ACTION to make themselves a valuable member of the steem blockchain. They don't complain, don't play politics...they just put their minds to the grindstone and find solutions to problems that we face.

2- Don't Complain

Complainers are the biggest losers. Not only it doesn't put them in the right frame of mind to take massive action, it also repels people like me who could upvote their project or content. All-in-all, even if what they complain about is true and unfair, it doesn't help anyone to start a pity party.

3- Start a project

Start a project that extends beyond yourself. Look into projects like @sndbox or @steemstem. Those guys are the movers and shakers. They gained attention and influence by adding tremendous value to the steem blockchain. Find a problem, create a solution and market it until it gets traction. Build a discord channel around it and make this place better!


Within the next 5 years, considering the 4 points highlighted above, I can easily imagine STEEM reaching the $100 or more. That means that every single steem you are collecting right now could make a huge difference in the future...and all you had to do to make the best of it is to use your mind in the best possible way.

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This post and your inspiration throughout all the other posts is the reason why I wanted to connect and chat with you in the chat , but I’m not sure if you use it , regardless I messaged you two days ago, wanted some advice

You’re beyond right , this is just the start. Those who came in last year at .12 and now looking at it at $6 in a year is a big change . Who knows as the paltform grows , the users grow , that can be double this year and who knows what next year will bring . We should try to be part of everything and engage with others , as I see it as a big key to success . Like they say , success is not given , it’s earned


I have also tried to connect with certain people via chat and had no success. I am interested in doing some research for this project, but can't seem to track down the person that I need to on here. I suppose I'll go search for the best way to directly contact people now.....


I can imagine the amount of people that would want to connect with him,i mean who wouldn't appreciate TALENT when he sees one.
His ideas and inspiration are just one of the main things that makes me hope steemit becomes better someday.

I'm holding long term on my Steem.
A few thousand extra dollars a year would be great but would not make a huge impact on my life long term.
If steemit gets anywhere near mainstream I'd be kicking myself for getting out early. I'm definitely blessed to be at the point financially that I'm able to take a "risk" and not cash out now.


I think you're doing the right thing. Steem is for sure one of the most 'safe' crypto investments!


Sounds like a smart plan.


Awesome thanks for sharing!!


Am only just joining Steemit now but sounds like you're making a smart call @jrue. Good luck with it all!

$100 Steem might be very conservative. If you think Steem could ultimately offer more value than Facebook (I do), then you are looking at a market cap valuation in excess of $550 billion. With current circulation that would work out to $2,200 Steem. 😎


I agree. Anything can happen. Look at how fast other disruptive technologies have gained traction. They key is to go big prior to the competition replicating and then saturating the technology.


Holy crap, I would be so rich if Steem hit $2,200! :P

I do however agree that Steem could go way over $100, but getting to $2,200 is ever higher than my own hopes and dreams.


That's possible because what steem need is "us creating great content" and "spread the opportunity". Early birds have the biggest advantage on this game so we're so lucky.


Yeah, that's true. Once the "ball starts rolling" in terms of new users, we'll probably grow exponentially, and then we early adapters can start to celebrate ;)


I guess what's hard to imagine is the users who are already millionaires would, if they held become ... billionaires many times over... would they be trillionaires? anyways, it seems hard to imagine that.


Hehe, that's a crazy thought! It would be so cool if we got a Steem billionaire here at one point.


They'd be throwing around thousand dollar upvotes 😁


Even higher! With a billion dollar worth of Steem Power, a single upvote would be worth $4912.22 ;)


If Steem's value multiplied by 1000, someone who has a $2.5 million stake today would have $2.5 billion. It's a lot, but still a fraction of Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates's net worth. They're worth around 100 billion each!


Well, if we're talking founders, @ned has 4+million steem itself, at 2200 that'd be, yeah I guess merely 10billion dollars or so.

Still. :O


lol that's not so bad I suppose 😂

STEEMIT is first and got monopoly right now, but if facebook lets say will join crypto then steemit will lose big audience and value.
In my opinion cryproworld now evolving and growing with hugesteps and we cant say will still be bitcoin in 5 years or etherium and steem. Many things depends on team, this year we will have hf20 and smt, but who knows what we will have in next year and so on, if we lag then steem price will go back to 10 cents, but if we continue to evolve then its possible to be at 250-1000 $ per steem!


Right. I think Steem has some of the most high quality content out there a the moment which will only increase their margins. We need to scale up not out in order to maintain and grow the value. This is where the copycats will be unable to compete.


Yes totally agree with you, there only seems to be optimism when it come to about all cryptos, but BTC might not be around in 5 years. Love your logo @investwarrior!


That's a good point. A social media needs to constantly evolve in order to keep users around, and if they flee, it all falls down.

This is so true. Do you want to be successfull on Steem? Stop thinking about how to get upvotes and start thinking about how you can help Steem grow. Projects and initiatives that help Steem grow are rapidly discovered and supported.

And when that day comes, when Steem is at $100, you will look back and wonder how it was possible that there was ever a shred of doubt in your mind.

You CAN do it.

I've seen this first hand from $1 to whatever the price is currently. Friends were not interested when I was working for 2 months to only make $100. Now that I've been working 6 months and closing in on the $10,000 mark with taking profits off the platform to invest in projects I believe in I've since had 2 friends sign up.

I'm hoping to close in on growing this account to $50,000 - $100,000 by the end of the year. Will this happen? Maybe, it's heavily dependent on the price of Steem slowly increasing and not decreasing, but it doesn't stop my desire and enthusiasm to see this platform cointinue to grow and thrive.

As a community developer, OCD currator, and a member in several communities on the platform I'm heavily invested in growing myself and this platform.


fantastic development - keep on steeming on!

I'm excited to think we are still in the beginning stages of Steemit. Whenever I tell someone about this place, I get a lot of weird looks and doubt that I could actually make money off of posting stuff. To be fair, it's a pretty new idea with the block chain technology to back it up. I've never heard anyone say $100 for steem eventually (usually like 20 or so) but man I hope you're right. There's no doubt in my mind that this place will keep on growing, and I'm so happy I joined when I did.


"But where does the money come from?"


Sounds like me not that long ago! Haha

use your mind in the best possible way.
This is absolutely correct! Actually STEEM is pretty cheap! With this technology I wish it will go to moon soon!
As a heading The proper attitude you pointed out very valuable advice! This is just a start, it will grow more and future is pretty amazing! And glad to say we are the early adopters of this amazing platform as well!
Very inspirational article and thanks for sharing with the community!


I love how optimistic your posts are. I am the MOST unlikely "success" story you can imagine. I have no tech skills, I am so intimidated by chats that your suggestion to "start a discord channel" kinda made my heart skip a beat... I don't like bots and I complain about autovotes at every opportunity... I doubt I will ever start a major project, I live in the middle of nowhere. I want to take part in ophumanangels but I have been waiting for my weekly trip to the store for sticky notes - I just do not have access to many resources. But here I sit, sharing my world with the rest of the world, trying to be helpful, funny and honest. And that alone is paying off.


I think the beautiful thing about this is that you could start a major project from the middle of nowhere. I also live in the middle of nowhere, and that is one of the reasons why I love Steem!

i think we are in the level 2 in this curve. early adopters & in next year, we will be at millionaires club & you will be at billionaires club. you just did a very motivational speech & the points that you highlight are extremely powerful. we can do better & we want to be more innovative in this wonderful platform. impressive article @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed


Its exciting to be involved in the early stages. I am very eager to see what steem and crypto do this year.

This ressonates perfectly with the First of your posts that i read. The one where you provide examples of steemians that for big from nothing.

I have been here for only 1 month, but what i have seen so far os huge.

And there is a lot of ways to grow here, not only blogging. You can also contribute to opensource projects, invest, curate etc...

I cant say about the Future prices of steem, but It definetly have space to grow big.

But we gotta keep an eye on what is happening outside. Like bitcoin, steem is the First of its kind, but something better may also appear in the Future.

$1 is even cheaper, that's when I'm loading my truck with STEEEEEM.

@cryptoctopus - As a house wife with a kid I'm earning than my husband do... Life changing platform & I'm holding Steem for a better future Sir...



Well this makes you an effective house wife and a supportive one too. Keep it up ma'am.

You are very much right that we should work hard and make this community much more better. The steem is $6, I think its the just the beginning of game, the storm is yet to come. Thanks for encouraging us.

You asked where we think we are in the bell curve. I think we're somewhere early in the early adopters phase. It's kinda freaky to imagine how high Steem could go, you almost don't want to get too carried away, but at the same time it could really take off and go to levels that will be mind blowingly high.

I would consider us early adopters.

The strategy of networking, posting, and commenting is certainly working for me.

I don't get involved in the flag wars. That will sort itself out without me. I don't complain. I am always optimistic. I do my thing, and stack that Steem. When I have a little more power I'll start working on one of my projects.

I have no trouble seeing Steem @ 100 usd or more.

This train hasn't even started rolling yet. When it does it is going to change the world.

Thanks for the post.

Keep Steeming!

I agree with you completely @cryptoctopus.

Thank you for relating what I, too, have been saying. STEEM is only starting to move. My prediction is still $100 by year end. I am still trying to work out the user sign up rate but I am leaning towards at least 3M by year end.

We are in the very early stages. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology which is just starting to emerge. There is a good 10 year run before we see the total benefits of what is going to take place. In that time, we will see the abundance that comes from the Internet coming into the money arena. We also are going to see DAOs which will radically alter the idea of a corporation.

In the end, humanity is going to benefit and I feel that STEEM will be at the center of it all.

As for you being "lucky", horsecrap. There were a lot of lean days back then from what I read and there were many times which this entire "experiment" looked like it could collapse. Those who were willing to stay in there and keep at it, even putting their own money at risk, deserve to profit.

People who talk about those being lucky because they could get in when it was cheap are also the ones who fail to add more STEEM when it pulls back now. As you stated, by Spring, $6 STEEM will look cheap.

Demand for Steem rising and will rise. Number of active users increasing rapidly. This is just a beginning stage. I agree that Steem will reach $100 for sure.

A fellow steemian when writing her untalented post said, she wished she was here months ago. I gladly told her that she joined at the right time. No time is ever late.. Anytime you join the platform Is the right time.

I see a great future with steem and I'm glad I here to witness it.

Lets keep steeming!!!

Regrets and regrets, that's what complainers will get. I think it a good thing to be here now, I cherish every little steem i get even if its the fraction from curation rewards because one day steem will be so high that we will value these moment.
Rather than complaining I will get more influence here, I have already started by buying some Steem which is a good investment to me, the future of the steem blockchain is great.

You are very correct, I may not have joined at the beginning like you, but I'm very lucky to be here now.
By 5years I will be a big whale or even more, the steem blockchain has a lot in store and to be here now is a good news to me.
I will explore the steem blockchain rather than complaining.

we are happy that we are not late and now we are in list of earliest to join steem we dont know that an incredible oppertunity will be waiting for us and give us a brilliant future and hope we also showing the proper attitude and sure we sill start project and take massive action to make ourselves a valuable member of this great platfarm

and your invest in steem in 2 years ago is best decesion and that time maybe many of your closers say you wrong but they didnot know what success you get from this
we dont compare any thing with steem and steemit and hope it will be on 100 soon and this not take long time @cryptoctopus

I will say Early Majority as at September last year I joined, a considerable amount of users have been joining since then.

Although, I know we still have more users coming up but glad I joined at the above date, even though I have not gotten the attention I so wish for. I know deeply that consistency is the key and droppers won't archieve anything but only regret if they took it more actively earlier on

I feel that we are according to the graphic early adopters, because Steemit recently growing up, but you are a pioneer and I was born steemit.

I have the vision that 5 years from now steemit as a full moon that illuminates the entire planet.
-Saving many of the poor that governments are now enriched with corruption with money from the poor

I think right now we are between early adopters and early majority. We are in that’s transition.

2018 is the year of the early majority.

About your predictions of steem value, those are strong points and I am glad you think like that.

Powerful @cryptoctopus!
Here is some inspiration for Steemians who may not know what they would blog about:
Start a month long project, and study it, learn about it, and commit to blogging about that subject every day for one month.
Here's an illustrative example on my blog @scan0017, where every day in the month of January you will find a different article of footwear from my embarrassingly ridiculous and fabulous collection. They're gorgeous, you'll love them, and most importantly, you'll probably laugh because I make the posts as funny as possible.
We live in a beautiful world 🌎 🌍 , and enthusiastically sharing with each other makes it a more wonderful place for everyone!
Steemit is less than two years old.
Anyone joining now will be remembered by history as an early adopter.
Blog with your audience in mind, speak to your readers by using the words "you" and "I" in proportion to your ears and mouth, and reach into your creativity to discover what you have to offer the world.
You might surprise yourself!

All my love and kisses,
@scan0017 😘

What do you think where we are at the innovation bell? I think we are at the beginning of the early adopters. Daily registrations start to accelerate. Currently we have 3000 registrations a day. That means total users increase 3.7% per week or extrapolated to the year 561% per year (1,037 ^ 52 - 1).

I strongly agree that steem's current price is still less than what it's really worth. Also, the platform is still young and there's just too much potential.

This thing is no joke and if you succeed at playing the steem game, add value, connect with influencers and work hard to make this place better...sooner or later, your rewards will climb. I've seen it happen. Late comers running surpassing account in terms of influence and value.

This is also very true. I noticed that the effort and dedication someone gives to the platform is somehow proportional to his/her rewards. Of course there are exceptions like if you have connections that will give huge boosts to your posts.

This is a very good share @cryptoctopus. Thanks for the information and I hope more people will have a chance to read this. :D

Since the lost few months steemit is the only thing i do. love it love it and i'm glad to be a early bird cause the future looks bright


Early bird you say. Congratulations to you, enjoy

I totally agree with the OP. STEEM is the cryptocurrency with the most number of utilities and functionalities. Being an early adopter of Litecoin who mined (since 2013) and gained through trading around 4000 LTC and finally lost them all in bad trading. Even if I had those LTC, I could not stop my temptation to sell them at $30 or $50 (too early LTC went pass $300). I had my hard lessons and able to grasp some STEEMs. I am HODLing them and not thinking of selling any time soon at all. Here is my few cents to promote STEEM:

The following gif is made by me to compare STEEM's zero fees with top cryptocurrencies. Free to use without any attribute. For more: https://steemit.com/steem/@riseofth/comparison-of-steem-s-speed-scalability-and-fees-with-major-cryptos-please-use-them-all-over-the-internet

myFile (4).gif

I got into steemit about two and a half weeks ago. Haven't made any money, but this early into the game I really don't expect to.


Don't give up, it can take a while. Just keep contributing quality posts & comments and you'll do fine over time. Just remember how long people have had Facebook accounts for and haven't even made a cent. I just voted up a few of your posts BTW.


Thanks, It's actually my grandmother who got me into steemit. She wanted me to invest in some bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and once sent me this article about steemit and how it works.


Sounds like an awesome Grandmother.
There's a subject for a cool post. "My Crypto Granny".
Steem on.


That's the spirit! It takes a while to gain a following, and even longer before you make a steady amount of money on your posts. Just keep posting, and it will grow bigger after a while :)

My prediction is that steem is going to reach 100$ in 2018, but there are more crazy optimistic people saying it will reach 1000$ and I hope they are right.


Don't we all hope they are right with their "crazy" $1,000 predictions? Nothing would make me happier ;)

Steemit is good for 3-6 months. I expect other social platforms to come and then the price of Steem could drop. But not before 6 months. And I'm quit sure Steem will be around 12-16$ at the end of april 2018 @cryptoctopus


So you think another blockchain social media will outcompete Steemit? That might happen, but Steemit has a big head start right now, so the new ones will need to bring something new to the table, or they won't be able to grow big (in my opinion).


I agree with you. Other social media platforms should try to do more if they want to be successful. It seems hard. @cryptoctopus @valth


Oh yeah, I think starting a new social media platform is one of the most difficult things you can start, since it would require a lot of users in order to attract new users (since no one wants to use an empty social network), so it's a bit of a paradox. New social platforms need a big hook in order to get people to join, such as the getting paid to post that's here on Steemit.

in 5 years, people will tell you they wish they were there when you were!

I will try to not be really smug.

Within the next 5 years, considering the 4 points highlighted above, I can easily imagine STEEM reaching the $100 or more.

It might be a lot less than five years. If SMT’s take off, demand for Steem could soar.

I like to consider my self an early adapter but still wish I've heard about steemit earlier, one of my pet peeves is: none of my friend listen to me when I say come and join steemit. not even my brothers...


They will come to regret it sooner or later!

I recently cashed out some over the past couple of weeks and had a LITTLE bit of regret as I saw the price of STEEM continue to skyrocket. To be honest I can't be upset because I still have a decent amount left and have received back the majority of my initial investment.

STEEM has an amazingly bright future ahead of it as we haven't even begun to see the potential this platform really holds.

Great post. You are so right. The potential with the SMT and the ability to monetize content without adds is huge. I was thinking about Facebook with 2B users with a marketcap of 550B. Steem is less than 1M with a marketcap of 1.5B. A user is valued at a much higher rate on steemit ($2500 vs $275). Imagine what will happen as this platform grows.

"TAKE MASSIVE ACTION" I love this phrase. I agreed that starting a project in that serves the common good seems to be the best way to build your influence and reputation here. I am feeling more confident by the day that steemit is not in fact "2good to be true" and has the bright future I am hoping for!

Steemit is a game changer and in the coming years $6 will be nothing. Contribute to the ecosystem and get in while you can :)

Great post thanks
"websites to have their own reward tokens(Smart Media Tokens), launch ICOs and a zero-fee decentralized exchange?"

I am working on an ICO run by former Uber and Addison Lee Drivers in London and can't wait to launch the ride sharing service which will be owned by the drivers, passengers, programmers, marketers and the public that buy the coin.

Not heard when the date will be for SMT so may have to use Ethereum Smart Contrat to kick start the ICO.

Keep on Steeming

Certified Bitcoin Professional


Wow, that sounds really cool! I wish you the best of luck.

The exact date for SMTs are not announced yet, but the Steemit team has said that it will happen in Q1 2018, so it can't be too long until they announce it.

I guess I am still avpart of the early majority if we are going to base it on the fututre of steemit. If $100 per steem happens I will be a future millionaire haha.. wow i like that.


If $100 per steem happens I will be a future millionaire haha

Well, wouldn't that be very nice? ;)

It definitely is exciting to be in on what I think are still the early stages of Steemit. There's so much potential for creativity and innovation. I'm excited to see what happens in the future, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to this site!

I like your optimism. The fundamentals of steem are incredible. When you compare all the shitcoins out there that are running bagillion dollar market caps with only white papers - steem is a bargain at 2x the price.


Yeah, Steem is a really good cryptocoin. People tend to think of it as only a social media, and completely forget that it's also a coin with no transaction fees, 3 second block times, and a coin that is able to handle extreme amount of transactions at the same time compared to most other coins.

I have to say from someone who has used steemit for the past four months that indeed there are many opportunities to earn and create growth. I have never seen anything like this before where people help one another to earn a living through the internet at amazing rates. Even if you can not create your own following by following others you can still earn a lot.

I have absolutely no skill what so ever related to computer programming yet I am learning from many others through discord channels and steemit platform. Even just learning can earn some rewards. Of course to earn the most is to take initiative of creating your own followers. I am still trying to find what I can offer, and for now I will follow those who have been successful and learn from them. Thanks :)

Treat it like a life form, we are like still babies that barely got up and started walking. There is such a vast horizon in front of us. Just look at the value of STEEM, it grows in accordance to what we have acheived and what more we can do. So as an organic entity, let us all move forward and press on! Trust and believe!

Steem is good price for 10-15 days ago.
Some day ago i stock some steem and
Steem is change my life.
It is time buy a new car.
Thanks for sharing this post.
I think this month steem price 11+
I love steem and only steem is real
resteem this post

Really a nice job you done..great and motivational article for the minnows like us..Keep it up dear

Very well said Sir @cryptoctopus, I do agree with the statement:
you and I are not the average person. We are an incredible group of pioneers that discovered something way before it became popular.

I always give thanks to those people (Seniors, Whales), who trusted on the platform and continued their journey at that time when nobody trusted on steemit (In early 2016 and so on). These are the real people who made the foundation and now everyone is enjoying. Lot of people have left their permanent jobs. Many have changed their lives with the help of steemit. And many have came up with lot of innovation ideas like:

@sndbox , @steemstem, @steemyfy, @busy.org and many more.

Thanks a lot for your aggressive blog @cryptoctopus. I love your attitude and always support your words as you're in the foundation of this platform. You have got lot of :


Always keep smiling and Stay Blessed!

I'm a hodler. A few thousands dollars worth of Steem or SBD is not exactly life changing for me. However, if it's a hundred thousands, that's pretty much a different story. Trying hard not to give in to short term thinking and temptation. Steem on and hodl on!

Cheap as fuck man, i bet steem will reach 100 dollars in 2018.

Since I entered on June 2017, I considered Myself a Hard Fork HF19 Early Adopter

Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes I sit after working hard and publishing my post and hope for the upvotes.... And they just don't come. But keep going not giving up, is the only way to achieve anything in life. And with Steemit, it really is a promising endeavor. Thanks for great post!

Great!!!!!! Hope high times are on their way

I can easily see Steem exploding in value once more people realize its potential. I signed up last week and I know I am still early to the party !!!

I completely agree with you, @cryptoctopus! I think the technology and all the people behind Steem and Steemit is incredible, and because of this I still think Steem is undervalued at $6 per token. In e year from now, we will all be wishing we had hoarded even more tokens at this price, because once it pulls away from this, it probably won't ever go as low ever again.

"Within the next 5 years, considering the 4 points highlighted above, I can easily imagine STEEM reaching the $100 or more. That means that every single steem you are collecting right now could make a huge difference in the future...and all you had to do to make the best of it is to use your mind in the best possible way." You are absolutely correct since it charges nothing to run a transactions on the platform. You are advertising your brands and getting paid for showing the world what you order unlike other social platforms that you pay for it within a specified duration. So expect more investors and more new users on this platform that is going to make blossom within few periods from now just like bitcoin did hike all of a sudden too.

Very interesting this article

100$ steem would increase my self e steem :P

great post ! I like your post!

I just joined about two months ago, but I'm so excited that I got here when I did. I'm grateful to have come in contact with so many who've been here much longer than I have, who have offered so much encouragement and advice to help get me started.

I think for steem now can be considered to be in an early stage of adopters. But if we consider smart media tokens, this could bring us back to new beginnings. Innovators stage. I could see 100$ earlier for 1 steem.

This is a great platform I only expect things to get better

Am sure am an early adopter,i joined 6 months ago and guess what am in the innovator stage of Steemit in my country Uganda.

I am the first if not he first person on Steemit in Uganda and am now doing my best spread it to my fellow folks so that they can also benefit from this oortunity

Africa as always missed such incredible opportunities due to pessimism to new things.It is no longer the case,i will do all it takes to spread Steemit to Uganda

This is the second time I hear about steemstem and get a warm recommendation about them.
As I'm a Med student it is pretty much a smart idea 😁 so I guess I will just have to listen to y'all and check it out!

Thanks cryptoctopus!!

Danke für die informstionen. Hoffen wir das beste :-)

Even though I love Steemit a 100 bucks is too much. It's not going to be worth that much. But, it can above 10-15$ and that way you can earn more money here on Steemit. If it really goes above the 10$ mark I think it will stay above it. Steemit is great and has an amazing future but we have to be realistic.


Every SMT bought will be effectively LOCK steem and reduce it's supply. $100 is no stretch at all.


You definitely are more experienced than me so from your lips to God's ears :)

Thanks for informatin ! .I think Steem is short term a very good investment.. @cryptoctopus

@cryptoctopus this is really true it made me write a post on jealousy in my blog but it didn't really get much views but the truth remains that us newbies if we could work had in five years time people would be thinking the way we are thanks a lot this motivation came at the right time all we need to do is invest our time not look at others rewards for Thier own investment......nice post

This is not the first time the thought of $100 steem has been suggested! I wouldn't be surprised to see that happening! I am not sure why but I believe we are somewhere between the end of the "early adopters" and the "early majority". As far as Steem(it) goes, I joined back in March and it would seem that I should not be included in the innovators conversation. That is for you, papa-pepper, stellabelle, fyrstikken, etc.

I think if a person wants to succeed at anything at all, he has to take massive action. If you take no action and just sit there hopping that rewards are gonna come your way out of the blue, sorry but that's not gonna happen!

Sums it up well. Having ended the year on target with 10 000 SP, I want to make at least a 2 year commitment to the platform. It is so easy to get carried away by fluctuations on a monthly or weekly basis that you lose sight of the bigger picture.

The fact is that unlike many other blockchains, things are actually being built and used on STEEM. This will only continue in 2018 and slowly but sure it will be noticed.

Find a problem, create a solution and market it until it gets traction.

Yup. This is what got me hyped about STEEM to begin with, the fact that by making all participants stakeholders of the ecosystem (small, or big) you are incentivized to report the problems you observe and assist the innovators/developers in making the place better. It's like the customers of the product receives a tiny amount of shares in the company they purchase from by making valuable feedback on their user experience, something the company would otherwise spend a lot of time and money trying to understand with market analysis and customer satisfaction surveys, and probably get it wrong regardless.

Hope to report on one such problem we think we may have built a good solution for shortly, and I hope the community can give its feedback! :)

thanks for all these informations

well said @cryptoctopus. this post has been resteemed


Steem is already making a huge difference in my life. I want to help the community to grow, specially the brazilian community to become more relevant.
Coincidentally, today I followed your advicie of creating a project. I launched a collection of badges to be used by the ones who are serious about creating content here or in the other platforms built over the steem blockchain. If you are someone who are tottaly in on usign DTube, so you can consider yourself a DTUBER, if you like Steemit more, a STEEMER, and so on. I believe this will help people to identify the difference between posts from different platforms.
Can't wait to see SMT working and to where it will lead us.
Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I agreed with your all calculations, but the time frame you gave is much.
I think within 2 years Steem cross 100 $.
Any way thanks for infos.

I see STEEM price above $1,000 in 5 years. Unless something goes terribly wrong.

Thx for this great optimistic view.. I think $6 is cheap so I will hold all my steem and SP now.. but can't afford to buy a lot of external steem.. but so happy what I created in the last 6 months..

The thought of steem reaching 100$ in 5 years is truly exciting. But 5 years is a long time and many things could happen, yet I think 100$ is still too modest of a prediction. I say let's go with 300$ or more. Also thanks for the tips on how to succeed in here, it's very helpful and I'll keep it in mind. Have a nice day.

Thanks for making me have a proper attittude toward steem and be able to see the great potential of steem.i believe in your word that we all are in early stage of this platform.

Good stuff here @cryptoctopus. This is all new to me, but last night I could hardly sleep thinking about steemit...

Exactly, Steem has a long way to long. I have set a target of leaving my job after 6 months and during this period, I will work hard on this platform, grow my account and eventually free myself from 9-5 job slavery!

Hail Steemit!

Dealt with your positive instinct was great. I was really reading so many content about what idea was the best to be capable of achieving goals here, as i am new here and my mind was always guessing what story should i wrote or article that help me. sadly I did nothing because of lack of education. Now in my almost 100 days here i was not lucky to earn a good one. so sad but I was trying and trying maybe some other day with your great articles. and more education to all of your post. I was able to have a great content. thank you for this educational article.

I am glad i found this site :D
made my first Post today and if only a few guys will see it was worth it !
this community seems to be great.

Yes, we all wish so. I would like to thank you for this explicit motivation that makes me do more and seek to develop my account

I have steem account for about 3 days and I didnt have the courage to post something about myself or my life but you gave me some courage with this post and I think Im gonna start posting stuff that I make and stop worrying about what some people might think about my content.

Thank you!

@cryptoctopus sir
I believe steem price should be 100 USD in 1 y from now. Why because of the limited supply and the low Market capitalization at the present time, Steemit is the only crypto that solves all the problems in one platform. Smart contracts via bots, media, social, video, audio, decentralized voting, Leaders with influence like ned . All of this suggests that Steem is the best and is not under the radar of any crypto trader. as the price fluctuation is very low. That is the only reason steem is so low. To stable to be profitable for short-term position.

Good information

Very nicely done. I couldn't agree with you more! I can't wait for what the future holds.

I think that 2018 will be an incredible year for us here, and that many users will begin to gain a deeper understanding of the incredible technology that we are dealing with, and why it is so beneficial! Thanks @cryptoctopus!

Nic post

I also strongly believe that you are right! I may not been here as early as I hoped, but I believe that this platform will keep growing when more people understands it's huge potential.
The best thing about this platformed for me so far has been to see how much hope and opportunities it can give to people from parts of the world where it's hard to live. We as users can make a big difference to someone and that is going to be one of my goals when I continue to grow here.

There are many reason to buy in to steem. So few to sell.

Yes, I agree with you. :)

I think and hope you are right @cryptoptocus. How did you happen to find STEEM so early?

I'm so optimistic for this platform and for the concept of profit sharing on content platforms! I love Steemit and can't wait to start a project and connect with more Steemians.

I love this and I am really excited about 2018. We are still trying to find our place here. Though, I am not part of something that develops or changes...hopefully I can atleast be entertaining!🙃

I really think STEEM has a bright future ahead, but it needs more people to have faith in it for it to blow up :)

Within the next 5 years, considering the 4 points highlighted above, I can easily imagine STEEM reaching the $100 or more

@dragosroua hinted in a recent post that Steem could be the de facto block chain for SMT and a probable competitor of Ethereum. If that is the case, then $100 is too short.