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RE: Consensus Reached for Hardfork 17+18! The New Features are Yours on Thursday, March 30th at 11am EST!

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Delegated bandwidth gives us a lot of curation options, while arbitrary reward splitting really opens the path to building businesses on the Steem blockchain.

I can't express how excited I am to see reward splitting finally here. Giving devs and business-people monetary incentives is going to have amazing consequences.

Get thinking Steemians! New pathways open up right now!


Yeah it can lead to a lot of adoption of the currency. Steemit is great but when steem is used around the net for different things that is when you will really see the value increase.

Precisely, that's the network effect at work. Arbitrary rewards are the gateway to useful services that appear 'free' but are in fact compensated with a % of the Steem rewards. It will be a big deal.

Yeah I can see it having a lot of potential for growth. Ad revenue used to be one of the only ways to compensate people without charging a fee, that and companies that sell your information. You guys got a new model that not only is efficient but can run on top of ad revenue. I see big things.

Doe that have to be with an app or can say two people work on something and split the rewards when they both post it?

The back end will be ready. But still need a UI. So stay tuned.

Edit: only one post, not 2 people both post a post.

Why cant we both post it?

Since we will have different followings... So if I do a shoot with a model and we want to split the payout we both can't show people what we worked on?

What you'd probably want to do then is:

  1. One of you make the post, along with splitting it's rewards.
  2. Whoever didn't post it, resteem it.

It'll be a single post, no duplicate content, and all of both of your followers will see it.

You could even get fancy and create a 3rd account and both use that to post, use it as a blog/pen name, and always specify a 50/50 rewards split between your two primary accounts :)

Of course you can post 2, so there will be 2 posts, and the reward splitting is for each post.

Edit: perhaps one person post, the other resteem it, so followers of both will see that post.

Ok great! That makes sense then. Awesome I look forward to this then :)

I had thought about this same thing. Shared earnings with fellow steemians. Be great for community building.

That's a good idea. I'm sure it's in the works too.