dMania 0.9.1 - Categories

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I have added categories to dMania. Categories are a great new way to discover content. I hope you will like them.


On the upload page there is a new category field. Select the category for the content that you want to post.
The current categories are the ones that I thought would work for most posts. They might change or new ones will be added in the next version. I think a handful of general categories are better than too many at this point.
If you have any ideas for new categories post them in the comments.

Discover more content

The new categories will let you discover content more easily. When you select a category, you can switch between Hot, Trending and New for that category as well. Clicking on dMania will remove the selection.

Tag Pages?

I wanted to add tag pages as well, but couldn't make them work so far. The Steem API is very limiting in its querying capabilities. Most apps on Steem that show only a subset of posts use some workaround to make tag pages work. At the moment I can't make tag pages work the way I want to. I will add them when the Steem API supports it somehow.

I don't think that tag pages on Steemit work very well. Most people just select some of the top tags for more visibility, without any concern if the tag fits their content. There are even a lot of people who use the dMania tag for their memes outside of dMania....
That's not how tags should be used. That clearly needs a redesign.

For dMania I want a mix of categories and tags. Predefined general categories and custom tags to discover even more content.

dMania 1.0

For the 1.0 release, I will improve the usability and UI and fix all open issues. I am quite satisfied with the features for now and I will try to make the website and user experience better. That is more important than adding new features at this point. The goal is to have a solid 1.0 version.
If you have some feature requests or found some bugs, post them in the comments.


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Awesome stuff! Nice to see dmania getting some love and hopefully these categories help us explore more content and help the curation process

i love dMania , zombee brother

Wow no downvotes, what kind of sorcery is this? :))

nice features. looks great!

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love dmania - thx for staying focused on it. I hope in the end it will pay out.

work is really exciting and awesome love it

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