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RE: Getting Steem and Sbd Traded With Fiat Pairs.

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Great initiative you have going here @zappl team! I have been thinking hard on a way to convert Steem to Fiat.

I would like to also add that now there is a way to create Steemit accounts using Fiat/Credit card thanks to @netuoso . He created the website and service avail. at

EDIT: self upvoted for exposure.. I usually don't self upvote ,but I wanted to make sure people see this. :)


It will definitely reduce the bitcoin dependency. Love the idea.

Good to hear more people are working on projects.

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@followbtcnews Thanks for your sharing want add here, go up

For sure we gonna see your efforts in the end.
All that everyone is doing to further the cause of Steemit and steem itself will be much appreciated by the community. Thanks for that effort.