YouAreHOPE Celebrates our One Year Anniversary, with this 2.5 minute recap film of just some of our missions around the world.

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The YouAreHOPE Foundation thanks you, the generous steem community as we celebrate our first Anniversary here on steem with you!

Please take a couple of minutes to view this short video about just some of what we've been able to accomplish thanks to all of you in the past year since we launched this organization on October 16th, 2017, World Food Day, together, here on Steem, working in concert to disrupt centralized, and often corrupted charities and change the world for a few thousand people, in a dozen countries or so, around the world.

Special thanks to all direct donors, summarized weekly in our income transparency reports, and an amazing amount of gratitude to #TheAlliance members for taking on the mantle of helping to run this organization.

Cheers to all agents on the ground who carried out the actual work, you are the real heros of the past year, and the ones who will help define the future!

Thank you to everyone who in some way, helps YouAreHOPE deliver Help, Opportunity, Purpose & Empowerment, all around this world of ours.

Let's see what we can do to 10x this thing together, in the year ahead!

From the Parkour philosophies of YAH co-founder @Malos10, he teaches us to "Be strong to be useful!" and that is only possible with this kind of loving and generous community, here on the steem blockchain.

So, like YAH's other co-founder @SirCork and @NobleWitness teammate, says "Teem work makes the steem dreem work!"


Can't believe its been a year already. This is one of the most beautiful organizations that I have ever come across! We have been a little stagnant as of late. It's time for us to grow! :)

@Malos10, thanks for putting this post together. I really loved it!

Manyy thanks for these sweet words and for all your support provided to @youarehope!!

i loove to make these videos for yah!!

Wow! Congratulation to all! Happy 1 year my @youarehope family!!!

Thank you Kenny!

well done you guys !!

Thank you!

Yay for one year! raises glass Here's to many more! :)

Cheers! Much celebrate!

Congratulation, Happy anniversary @youarehope. God bless you

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Thank you!

CONGRATS on reaching one year of helping people! 💙

Thank you!

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