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The presence of students in the three classes, the report from the school diary can be considered as the basis of evaluation. This step is taken so that the pressure of the test will not hinder the normal development of the child. News related sources.

Pre-primary tenure is also being extended from one year to two years. The steps are being taken to reduce the violence of the kindergarten to a government primary school by reducing the violence of the kindergarten frogs. It is important to note that no pre-primary classes are taken.

In this regard, Primary and Mass Education Secretary Akram Al-Hussein said, the Prime Minister has directed to take all the examinations from the first grade to the third grade of the government primary school.

In order to reduce the pressure on the child from the test, he has instructed Finland, including Finland, to arrange education. It is thought to be effective from next academic year.

Besides, the idea of ​​extending one-year pre-primary education from next year and two-year extension is under consideration. At the same time, every school has been instructed to form a 'Cub Scout' to make the school attractive.

At the inauguration of Primary Education Week-20 on March 7, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged parents, teachers and all concerned not to put too much pressure on children to study.

"In primary education, I would say that no extra pressure should be given to a soft-willed child," she said. Then you will see that they will have a different power inside.

And the foundation of their education will be firmly established. Calling the rigorous discipline of education at a tender age, he termed it as 'one-of-a-kind torture', saying that children would go to school first and study through laughter.

They will not fall in advance, he will go to school only to study. The Prime Minister went on to share her own expression about teaching children, adding that many countries in the world do not send children to school before 5 years.

In our country, children go to school from a very young age. But they should make it their own way to make learning, laughing, playing and having fun.

Continuing to say 'read', 'read', 'read' or threaten or further stress will reduce their interest in education, creating a fear. I would urge our teachers and parents to avoid that fear of education.

The Prime Minister said that many times we see the competition is not in the baby but it becomes a little more between the parents. I also consider it a sick competition.

He said that not all students will have the same talent and not everyone will be able to do everything together. Whichever way it comes in, give him the opportunity to accept it so that he can learn from his teaching.

According to sources at the Ministry of Elementary and Mass Education, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directed the Secretary of Mass Education to take all the first and third grade exams from the primary level from next year.

Examples of Finland and Singapore, the Prime Minister said, there is no test for children in those countries. The Prime Minister asked them to set up a committee if they needed to find out how they assess the merit of the child. He instructed them to take necessary measures according to the examination of the class so that there was no barrier for the child to grow.

Akram al-Hussein, the secretary of elementary and mass education, said the pre-primary education children, who have been in the country since the beginning of the year, have already passed the closing exams.

Where they had a pass rate of 9.5 percent in 20, it stood at 5.9 percent. Increased by about two and a half percent. The drop-out rate has also decreased. To maintain this success, the pre-primary period is being extended from one year to two years.

This year, the government will appoint 4,000 teachers. Besides, it has been decided to appoint around 5,000 more teachers in the next five years. Policy paper is being prepared to bring children over the age of 6 to school and ensure quality education.

The workshop will be held on Thursday at PTI in Dhaka. The report will be sent to the Prime Minister's Office based on the opinion of the speakers of the workshop. It will be implemented with the consent of the Prime Minister. The National Education Policy 20 also calls for the extension of pre-primary education for two years.

Source: Jugantar


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