look at the reality - steem is dead

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Apart the global collapse of the cryptocurrencies these days, we can certainly say that the platform is dead.

why am I saying this?

I have been a witness for a long time and I have invested money on the platform hoping that the same could lead me in what was my goal.
My goal was to bring good quality posts in the light of all users, avoiding that useless and silly posts had visibility. But unfortunately this was not possible for me.

In addition to having objectives for the development of the platform, the witnesses must make real mining with their servers. The concept for which the platform is based, is the DPOS. I have already explained different times this Method and i don't want to repeat myself.

I try to synthesize.....

more powerful people will approve you and more money you earn by mining with your server


as you can imagine, not knowing anybody powerful I gained practically zero....


Have you ever seen the trending pages?

90% of the people who are here is not because it makes good quality posts, but because it uses bots to boost the posts.

so I ask myself. What the hell are we seeing? good quality stuff or boosted junk?

Of course the second.....

have you also noticed who are the people in trending?

usually the same people....... who pay to boost using the bid bots!!

so I ask myself again, in addition to being poor quality posts, I know those quality people?

Of Course No again......

I conclude by saying that on steem earn only few people and are always the same. Generally they are the top 20 witnesses or people who entered the platform some time ago.

And of course they want to control the platform!!!!

so if you're on steem hoping to make money or even worse to find good quality posts from users that you consider good, you're wrong. Unfortunately only small unknown minorities writes post of excellent quality. And guardianships are never those in the trending page.


So I ask you.

What social platform is steem?

reflect us well

ENJOY @yanosh01


Have never left my feed thread so have no idea what you are talking about with trending page. Steem is now my social media. What some whale is doing or not doing does not concern me in the least. Whenever the Reward Blues hits me it helps to recall how long it took to get my first cheque from FaceBook. 😂

P.S. Wishing you well in your future endeavours.

Great point @novacadian, the steem blockchain may not be perfect, but I have made more in rewards here in 6 months than I have made using Facebook for over 12 years. In that time Mark Zuckerberg has enriched himself to the tune of billions while all his users gave away their time and content for free.

Blockchain based social media works and will get better. Whether steem ends up being MySpace or Facebook of the Crypto world? Well the jury is still out on that one. But I still remain positive

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Mi spiace, capisco l'impegno che ci hai messo e la frustrazione per certe dinamiche. Purtroppo è così... Penso però che si possa continuare a rimanere nei paraggi, giusto per la curiosità di vedere quello che accadrà in futuro 😌

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You could have atleast joined SteemPress integrate it with your SteemRepo.

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Great post. Thanks

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