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it is inevitable that Steem will raise again, if you think about all the real life use function that it is already supporting, this platform, dtube etc, then you can see that it is virtually unstoppable , i am stockpiling Steem myself


read a bit more about STEEM and you will see that not everything that shine like gold is gold :)
STEEM is inflated by about 10% every year
The wails that have most of the currency make nice money and people that are followed by thousands of people are making nice money as they bring their followers to steem ...but normal people that have no millions of STEEM in their wallets nor thousands of followers from other networks are not making nothing - no mater how interesting stories you publish.
I had 0.7 BTC worth of steem and now it worth less than 0.1 BTC

though - I love the steemit site and since i know STEEMIT i use FakeBook 70% less than before
but the concurrency STEEM is a bad investment

Nice work! resteem this. thanks for sharing

It will go up!

U guess that is just the build in inflation kicking in. HF 18 devalued the Steem as well. In the end if Steem keeps somewhat at the same price it shows the investment is growing.

I think the Inflation is set to 100% per year, which should lead to a 50% cut in value if it stays the same.

I might be wrong but I think it is somewhere in the whitepaper.