[Paperwallet] Easily secure your account with Steem Paperwallet Generator

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Howto Use

This newly created download able webpage generates new public private keys for you to secure your account.
The procedure is very simple:

  • Download the offline generator on the bottom of this post
  • Unpack the zip/tar.gz file and open up dist/index.html in your browser
  • Provide your account name
  • Provide and confirm your password

The page will generated four new keys for your (owner, active, posting memo).
After creation of your new keys, you should print out the page and write the password on it with a pen!

You can change the keys on your permission page:


First read @pfunk's excellent article.

I highly recommend that you generated a

  • distinct key (with a simple password) for posting (so that you can comment, post, and upvote)
  • another key for active permissions (for transferring funds and trading) and
  • a very secure owner key that you can recover your account after loss of any of the above keys!

Put at least the printed owner key into a safety deposit box and make sure to have it printed out multiple times!!


  • Do not mix the types/authorities, if you pick the private key from the posting key, then only use it as posting key, nothing else.
  • The source code is open to be audited and verified by anyone. I have signed the commit with my private GPG key for everyone to follow and see my identity. I mean you no harm :)




I now pushed version 0.2 and 0.3 that allow you to print your master password and let you uncover the typed password.


Is this a keylogger that feeds all the information to you?

Technically, there could be one and you shouldn't trust anyone, not even me. However, you can download this page and run it on a disconnected device. Further, you can download the sources, audit them and compile them your self. There is no need to trust me, or the paperwallet.

Ah, so it's a trojan RNG that allows you to re-generate all the private keys?

(Just kidding, thanks for this!)

There is a risk of failure in this case once the key gets sent or recorded..I wouldn't trust any third party stuff besides my browsers local storage or my own paper.

i wouldn't even trust my local browser storage …

so how do we verify each other?

Just review the code, mate. Takes two minutes.

Hint: It is safe.

Not everyone on Steemit is a coder. The whole crypto world needs to become more user friendly.

Webs of Trust addresses this.

That we can equally share through generated keys with proof of teaching?..

Well but user-friendly can not mean that average joe can be enabled to verify the legitimacy of a program/code/contract. He can be put in good faith but in no scenarios people will be able to actually verify it themself - at least no scenario that i can currently think of.

This is so true and vital to the community.. I have been working with crypto for the past 3 years. What I have found is that coding is key, teaching is value. Thanks Steemit!

If he is the xeroc from bitsharestalk.org it is in order. Trustworthy source.

Thank you!

Such win. Very wow.

very helpful thanks!

From the heart of the entire Steemit community I want to say Thank You. You will prevent a lot of bad stuff that is likely to happen to lots of us. Besides I really appreciate detailed recommendations that you've outlined here. It makes total sense.

Thank you for this steem paper wallet. :)

Excellent @xeroc! This is outstanding work.

Thank you @xeroc, this is much appreciated!

This procedure will enhance the protection?


Hopefully yes, now revolve 324455463 $$$

Nice work @xeroc , you always help.

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