Technically, there could be one and you shouldn't trust anyone, not even me. However, you can download this page and run it on a disconnected device. Further, you can download the sources, audit them and compile them your self. There is no need to trust me, or the paperwallet.

Ah, so it's a trojan RNG that allows you to re-generate all the private keys?

(Just kidding, thanks for this!)

There is a risk of failure in this case once the key gets sent or recorded..I wouldn't trust any third party stuff besides my browsers local storage or my own paper.

i wouldn't even trust my local browser storage …

so how do we verify each other?

Just review the code, mate. Takes two minutes.

Hint: It is safe.

Not everyone on Steemit is a coder. The whole crypto world needs to become more user friendly.

Webs of Trust addresses this.

That we can equally share through generated keys with proof of teaching?..

Well but user-friendly can not mean that average joe can be enabled to verify the legitimacy of a program/code/contract. He can be put in good faith but in no scenarios people will be able to actually verify it themself - at least no scenario that i can currently think of.

This is so true and vital to the community.. I have been working with crypto for the past 3 years. What I have found is that coding is key, teaching is value. Thanks Steemit!

If he is the xeroc from it is in order. Trustworthy source.

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