Friend Just Asked Me: "What Kind of ROI is Possible if I Put 100K into STEEM?"

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My friend doesn't really like to take things slow, but is willing to put in the time to work really hard consistently over the long term. His discipline is really good. With these considerations in mind, I had to really think about his question:

What kind of ROI is possible if I put 100K USD into STEEM?

Short Answer:

It varies depending upon your level of participation.

10 - 20x in 1-2 years is definitely possible. (Obviously it's important to note that I am not a financial advisor and cryptocurrencies are defined as high risk. It is also important to note that cryptocurrencies are becoming ever increasingly recognized as more efficient and effective ways to grow, develop, and distribute value in a frictionless ways)

Longer Answer:

By investing into STEEM, You will accelerate your initial movements/participation on the Network. This can have a compounding effect in terms of rate of growth. Value is attracted to more Value and the basics of this economy is "attention based"...thus, by investing into STEEM in beginning to get started you will create more steem and and steem dollars for yourself and others...which in turn will stimulate the growth of your influence...your vested stake in the Steem Ecosystem.

We talked about STEEM moving into an added value role by supporting the creation and development of SMT'S (smart media tokens), where Steem becomes a form of reserve currency for the SMT'S. This has multiple network effects. It makes it possible to structure the development and expansion of Communities. It makes it easy for communities to grow value in an efficient and effective way that leverages the power of the steem blockchain. SMT'S is a way to create markets within markets within markets...etc...etc.

My Friend had a Profound Realization. The Realization came after explaining how accommodating it is to grow communities here....but how accommodating the Steem Blockchain is for applications to be built. I shared with him some of the projects/applications that have emerged: dtube, dlive, dsound, zapple, appics, and busy.

My Friend Said:

I See the Value and the potential Value of Steem. Part of what makes STEEM so valuable is having a platform like steemit where people can come and gather...participate, connect and share. It's pretty brilliant in fact. It's like restructuring the distribution model on how we value and regard each other. This is crazy awesome. There's so much potential opening up right now - the amount of opportunities existent are many.

He want on to say:

It's like we are the miner's minding our minds. The growth and expansion of the Steemit Ecosystem will be of great benefit for everyone participating within it.

My friend asked many questions : This is just a snippet of the exchange.

A few key additional highlights from our discussion:

  • Steem is free to send anywhere in the world. It will take about 3 seconds.

  • Steem backed dollars are currently trading around $10usd on exchanges. SBD's are created from starting point of being valued at $1 usd.

  • collecting sbd's is an added value creation. Can be traded for more steem to grow more sbd's and Steem Power...and or can be used to expand crypto portfolio...and or any other thing you would like to exchange it for. The possibilities are endless.

  • Steemit makes it possible to easily grow a team and develop creative collaborations.

  • Steem Blockchain is a Space Age Cryptocurrency that knows it's value and usefulness is all about People. People are representatives as markets that are each capable of growing exponentially.

My friend said he was going to sign up for an account today - and that he will be investing into the Network.


Steem on everyone! We who are here are the ambassadors of the network. It is my assessment that 2018 is going to be Huge for STEEM. Let's Go!

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in crypto ROI is totally on luck as market can fall anytime or go anytime soon up but delegation is the right idea

I just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative post you can find similar crypto news on my steemit that might be productive for you too...


cool to connect with you @reewy

He could delegate (lease) it out to other users. I think I'm getting around 25% per year in STEEM terms.


ah delegation! that's another great idea I had totally forgot about.

Wow - 25% per year in steem terms sounds decent - maybe a bit dependent on the initial size of delegation... in terms of whether could create more with content.

thanks for sharing this @robert-call


Yes, It's better for Investors like me, than content creators. Good Content Creators with a lot of STEEM Power can do really well. Delegations range anywhere between 150 - 400 STEEM per 10,000 of STEEM Power leased. Pretty lucrative with the high price of SBD.


Interesting. How does SBD play into things with Delegation?


Post rewards are paid in 50/50 STEEM Power and SBD. With SBD @ $10 every post you see is worth significantly more that what is show on So it's highly profitable to lease Steem Power to upvote your own content or support other initiatives.


ah - got it :)

i started at the butt end of last year just to see how this platform does. Im still seeing low engagement around 40k active users a day, which is not bad but not good as well.

Im currently working on a game that gets over 100k a day and i know the type of returns that are expected in the traditional mobile freemium space.

My venture into blockchain gamifying space starts proper in 2018 and im hoping for a magical ride.


wow @cutelilbear that's amazing!

I think there's so much potential in hooking up gaming with blockchain.

I would love to see a decentralized gamers network that has all the games from all the systems that can be played on any that would be so awesome.

Tuning in to "Freemium"

Speak Soon!

I like what you are saying here @worldclassplayer and have gone on to read the comment about the crypto bubble bursting at some point. I believe in steem but I'm very cautious about the price of steem rising the way it is and what will happen if Whales cash out. Not that I have any whales voting for me but I have invested $1000 I'm concerned about.


whales will always be cashing some out. Fun Fact - Whales are regarded as "Ecosystem Engineers". You can google it - pretty interesting stuff.

With regards to price action...could be a real good year. might see some volatility too...but I speculate that we might see less and less volatility with Steem and more and more upward movement because the majority of fish in the steem seas are not whales ...and thus the majority is incentivized to accumulate...equally so are the they have tremendous influence. the whales...are also important for their dumps...they feed the liquidity at the exchanges. Keep in mind there's not a massive amount of liquidity at the exchanges because most players are incentivized for locking into SP

I'll head over to your page and shoot you some votes.

Cool to connect with you here again.


This is a natural fluctuation in the price of the important conclusion I concluded that Steem will shave to more than $ 10 soon to justify my words

Published in the top of the tender Thank you for the valuable information Thank you I love this

It has to work even if it continues I must diligence, research and tender to become like you greetings to thank you for this

I believe that is a good investment if you want to invest. But on the other side, the crypto bubble is going to burst at a point, so just invite your friend to be cautios and dont sell the house to buy steem yet :)


Yes - that was the first point to make very clear - that cryptocurrencies are regarded as very high risk and there can be extensive volatility.

I explained to him that part of what keeps the Steem Network stable in regards to the way steem power is structured to prevent massive pumping and dumping.

As with regards to Bubbles - definitely a topic worthy of attention. Interesting stat with regards to a point of comparison that comes up to "tulips" and the "tech boom". The tulip mania involved a large percentage of people. Compare this to crypto currency...but the irony here is that we have about 1% of the world population involved within cryptocurrency. This suggests much room for expansion. In regards to the "tech boom"....the scale of the boom was in the 7 - 10 trillion dollar range...that was near 20 years ago! Keeping in mind the rise in costs of things....7 - 10 trillion dollars about 20 years worth much more than 7 - 10 trillion dollars today. Crypto hasn't even hit 1 trillion yet! Maybe the "bubble" we are talking about it in the "quadrillions". Maybe the "crypto bubble" will swallow everything else in terms of economies/currencies...and we move into the Space Age Industry that exists beyond land and sea based legalese.

Thank You for your comment @teodora it is much appreciated :)


Yes you are right, I did not say we are in the bubble yet (is my humble wish). I really like when things get really messy, you can see the true nature of people :D See you around and let's hope for a big bubble..


haha :)

let's hope for a big bubble


Good contribution friend and certainly we all hope that this year is great for steemit and keep growing ..regards

easily 20% above as per my average thinking

seems like he is all in one go would put all his stake

just keeping in steem or steem power is a right idea

He sure is thinking is correct I really think he will even love Steemit once he starts into it !
Steem is gonna fly ;)

Very useful topic Thanks for sharing