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RE: In defense of finding value on Steem

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If we want mass adoption we need to be more like @surpassinggoogle's idea of @ulogs where people are asked to post about their life. Following in the footsteps of Facebook. Facebook connects people to people by letting them be themselves.

Another large internet presence is those sites connecting people to information. Search engine powerhouses that serve up nothing but links. So along comes dappish sites like

Another large group of internet users like sharing photos at sites such as Instagram. So along comes dappish sites like steepshot ...

For steem to increase in value we need all these options, drawing on huge numbers of users and then the key happens... Large advertising and marketing types realize we have millions of eyeballs. Something they will pour money into trying to coax a few people to try their goods and services.

"Quality" content is certainly a piece of the puzzle, but steem will never reach the moon without all those other pieces of the puzzle that bring about mass adoption.

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That's cool, somehow I missed @ulogs . For real there can be many awesome ideas for ways to use the content focused nature of Steem for some specific purpose. The magazine idea is another such idea and I don't think any idea needs to be as comprehensive as Facebook or whatever. We'll have the bigger projects but my person interest is in the niches. Niches can be good too though. In a way a newspaper is a niche and look how well they have done historically.

Renewed support for authors (evergreen) without hacks

What do you mean by support for evergreen authors. If you are interested to publish a digital magazine on evergreen articles on Steem blockchain, how about monetize it through Ads. The interface will support ads (e.g. Google Adsense). The revenue from the Ads can be used to buy back SMTs. Authors will earn SMTs for ever based on their popularity of their article. Hard to judge the popularity, perhaps earning from Ads can be parameter.

Bottom line is evergreen articles should be rewarded forever based on popularity (e.g. visits), however, it is possible to reward them beyond seven days in Steem blockchain. Perhaps an SMT with Ad interface can help it fly.

By evergreen I mean continued rewards after the 7 day mark. But it's not clear to me what the exact best way to structure it is or how to fund it. I have a few ideas which I'm chewing on but the thing that's clearest is that it's needed and I think it's solvable in some way.

I'm 100% against using Google ads in any capacity. I'm not against ads per se but definitely not by a third party. I have an idea for a Steem based ad network but that's another story ;)

You have a good idea. I've been webmastering since around '95 and all the gurus have preached find your niche. Something I really was never able to do. haha I have a hard time focusing on a single tree when there is a whole forest to explore. Perhaps that's why I still work for a living... haha

  • I'm really amazed that hard print magazines and newspapers are still around, but they are. They most all do have an online presence. Some more than others.
  • Interesting stats from
    Each year $75 million is spent on the 7216 magazines which are read read by 95.33 million people to see $14.43 billion of ads. The biggest advertiser is L’Oréal SA, a world leader in the beauty industry.

Interesting stats and analysis. Thanks, I'm encouraged by this.

Interesting stats
And analysis. Thanks, I'm
Encouraged by this.

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