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The Vision Remains the Same for me:


Build a Social and Economic Community. (the value is the community)

I think it is reasonable to retain good people and we can use inflation to do this. While no one is entitled to an upvote, using the inflation pool to support good users, who we want to keep seems like a reasonable thing to do. Each day I get to control a bit of the inflation pool, and so that is how I allocate my piece.

I do not consider what I do content discovery. I do not pretend I find the best darn articles on the site and smash them up to visibility. I do care about content looking decent, being engaging and entertaining and I give my votes manually.

I do this because if we can manage to attract and retain users, more will come.

Where people gather and economy occurs. That means where ever people gather other people want to sell them things, tell them things and provide and participate in entertainment for them. The more people who gather the more diverse the economy is.

I believe by retaining and attracting people into the economy we attract investors. We will also attract developers when we have a community filled with people to support and use their products when they release them.

I think that tribes, apps and in the future communities also support this view.

The bloggers do not create sell pressure, they create buy pressure.

Not everyone shares my view. Some think if the stakeholders can keep their own inflation that will attract stakeholders. I think that is the definition of a ponzi.

Some think we should focus more on content discovery. I say that is only attractive to Authors. Personally I want Steem to feel easy, fun and casual. There can be plenty of great Authors in the mix, but it is too limiting to feel you have to be a great Author to post on Steem.

When people are here they will use the tokens to spend, save, buy, trade and engage with each other and various apps.

Where people gather an economy occurs. It's all about the Community.

It's just one vision, not everyone shares it.


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When I spot a new steemian that seems real and interesting. I put them in a little favorite section. Try to visit them every week while they work there way through that rough plankton stage.

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Great ACTION , @buttcoins. I love it :)

I used to do something similar to that and really need to recommit into doing it again

Thanks, @buttcoins. I wish more people would do things like that.

@buttcoins I think it is great what do you do for new members of our community, let them know they have your support, this excited them otherwise they lose interest.

With your support, and the support of others here in our steemit community the new user feel welcome and at the same time more inspired.

I congratulated for you awesome attitude! :)

We just need a few thousand @stackin’ people on steem lol

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Wouldn't hurt in the least to have that ;)

properly done, content discovery will keep readers on the platform. Of course good/interesting content for them to consume would be good.

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I guess I would have to say, I would need more information on what properly done would mean.

In addition most of the "onboard the masses" sites do not focus on content they focus on allowing users to find each other and talk about things they find of interest.

properly done would be things like when you finish reading a piece the system has suggested related posts that are actually related.
As I've said before.. all sites depend on content in some form.

Nice summation @whatsup. I agree with a lot of what you say. We just need to push forward and have more people keep their eyes on the prize. The fact is nothing has really changed since we were at $8 and change. Actually the fundamentals have gotten only stronger here.

I envision a place where we continue to build Communities and where many peeps do not know a thing about Crypto and do not care to know but just want to fellowship in one form or another

Good things to come , imho

For those of us who share content in this wonderful platform, it is important to know that they value what we do, since, behind each line there is a human being who has a life and yet takes the time to publish. All that effort is accompanied by dedication and discipline, without neglecting everything that a person can go through to be able to write, for example connection problems, lack of electricity or some personal problem and even so, however it remains lively.
Thank you dear @whatsup for being so human and taking the time to value. Good vibes.

Personally I want Steem to feel easy, fun and casual. There can be plenty of great Authors in the mix, but it is too limiting to feel you have to be a great Author to post on Steem.

Now that's a refreshing point of view. Couldn't agree more. :0)

current marketprice of steem is a joke...
once steeminc sold out we can thrive...

Have you calculated how long that will be based on 800k steem sold per month?

I did and prefer to forget and neglect.. ;-)
whats the total amount they still control?

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Hey,@whatsup!, that is very great damn, greetings to you, it has really been a long time?

Hi, @whatsup!

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