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  • Imagine that we have a short form site, for those quick thoughts and sharing links.  Zappl
  • Imagine we have a site for serious bloggers. (I don't think we have this yet)
  • Imagine we have a site for verified news articles. (
  • Imagine we have a site for those who live in a gift economy to reward each other with gifts (not yet)
  • Imagine we have a site for up and coming Authors
  • Imagine a site for vloggers - dtube
  • Imagine live streaming - dlive
  • Music and audio - maybe even by genre.. dsound 
  • Imagine a site for dank memes - dMania
  • Imagine a site for wankers - dporn
  • Imagine Gambling
  • Imagine Love Matches
  • Imagine Shark Tanks
  • Imagine Travel Reservations with Crypto
  • Imagine Professional Services...
  • Imagine A site for HomeSteaders and Preppers
  • Imagine a site for Technical Analysys and Crypto talk
  • Imagine several bidding, selling and peer2peer group markets 

Imagine we could all access those sites using our Steem Logins and pick and choose the type of content we wish to consume.  We can reward what we want to see more of.Imagine each of these communities/sites could create an SMT and and use it to reward their end-users.  They can make up their own community rules, moderation rules, and even limit access to their group.

Imagine that when they purchase steem to fund their site/community it locks up Steem.

Imagine SteemIt just being a dumping ground that all of that pumps into.. The firehose as some like to call it.Imagine having choices and things we haven't even thought of yet.Some of this is already happening.

That is how I see the future of Steem.Maybe I have a great imagination, or maybe something like that and more will develop.




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By this article I understood we have lot to do! I mean there are a lot of other case studies available to make worthy DAPPS on STEEM blockchain! You nicely figured them out!


"Imagine a site for wankers"

And they said John Lennon was inspirational!?

Seriously though, that was pretty inspirational, and it was a good idea to rerun the post. I, for one, wasn't around to read it last time.

There's a reason syndication is so big: more people end up seeing stuff than ever saw it the first time round.

Where would "Game of Thrones" be without the reruns that allowed it's audience to quadruple from the number who actually watched Season 1 when it originally aired?

A lot of bad ideas become self-fulfilling prophecies through sheer repetition, so why not the good ones too?

dPorn, of course, is a terrible idea: nobody wants other people to track the frequency of their "wanking" on an immutable blockchain lol!

That said, every other Steem eco-system idea you listed rocks.

This post should be in syndication, along with Seinfeld, Friends and Game of Thrones! :)

This is something I often think about and thought it was just getting start but I ran into a post by @gtg today where he posted a great visualization of how the #STEEM ecosystem has already expanded so immensely. This probably the third time I reference it today but it was a great video to see as it clearly demonstrates how this truly has become its own ecosystem.


Loved that visualization by @gtg! Thanks for sharing it here, @newageinv!

So funny I was just writing a similar post :)

I love your description of Dporn.

Imagine a site for wankers - dporn

Of course I'm bias ,but I still don't think we've seen the potential of quick and easy thoughts via Zappl.

Imagine that we have a short form site, for those quick thoughts and sharing links. Zappl

... And the kicker!

Imagine each of these communities/sites could create an SMT and and use it to reward their end-users.

This is what will change everything ^^ imho.

Great post! mine should be coming out in the next few hours!


Where is this post you mention? :)


I know I'm being lazy xD
I'll get it out there haha...

Classic - your list covers everything I'd like to filter out - leaving photography, art, conspiracy, health, humour, zionist mind control, and steemit whale battles...


Go figure, but you are one of those guys who finds it cool to be slightly above the rest of society right? :) Curious on your answer here.


Probably - I'm pretty antisocial and think most people are sheeple.

But most topics I'm into just weren't on your list, so that's not me being a snob - or maybe it is

I would like to imagine one non-beta app that could do all of the above. I find myself going from app to app searching for different features that are not buggy.

I am "Imagining", and I like what I visualize. Great post @whatsup ,and you have opened my eyes with incredible possibilities within the Steem Blockchain :)

I'm imaginin'! I especially like the picture at the top. :-)
Great info in the post and also in this comment thread!

There is really a huge bucket of options for this blockchain platform. You have listed quite a few of them and I'm sure there are plenty of other possibilities as well. Thanks for the ideas, @whatsup

Hmm, that would be a good solution to the current shunning there seems to be for Zappl-like posts. The platform exists, but people take it as some "lesser" form of Steem instead of a standalone app.

It's not ideal right now because if we use Gina to get notifs on people's posts, we'll see every kind of post and sometimes we might not want to see that kind of post from that person. This would, in turn, give us more freedom to post wherever we want because people would be able to filter out the noise if they are only interested in certain things.


Don't pay any attention to the "Content Snobs" they do not understand that there are zero successful "Quality Content" sites. Social media is about engagement, not content.


I'll take that into account! It's a good lesson about social networks. Especially with Steem where there is a currency involved where the price increases when it's used.

Thank you, @whatsup for the mention.


Thanks for giving the wankers a place to wank.


Of course we are building the things wankers love!

"Imagine Travel Reservations with Crypto"

I have a friend on here who would probably really like that idea.

"Imagine a site for wankers" This being the internet, I am shocked that this is not a more popular lol.

There seems to be a lot of room innovation here and I think that is what will end up leading to lasting success for those of us who are willing to take advantage of that potential in one way or another.


I'm kind of glad that I don't see a ton of over-sexed stuff on Steem. I leave the setting for adult content turned off, but from my point of view this community doesn't respond that well to "Sexy Marketing". I have a feeling it is because it is too small and personal.


Agreed. I kind of worried that was going to be all this was when before I got approved and looked around and saw that that type of thing was pretty small next to the other communities here.

I could see some of the things you mentioned in the future.. the blockchain tech is already used everywhere and steem will get us there..

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You just reminded me how awesome steemit really is

Lol on the dporn mention


Dporn for ftw! lol

Steem really holds endless possibilities...and I don't even think my imagination can grasp the half of it


Hopefully, we can develop ideas we haven't thought of yet.


Hopefully, we can
Develop ideas we
Haven't thought of yet.

                 - whatsup

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You really do have.

imagine about... imagination XD

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