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A long time ago, before the SteemFest in Amsterdam, I wrote the post Emerging Steem(it) - What does it look like? ELI5
It was meant to provide a visual representation of what is going on within the Steem realm in a way that can be easily understood and visually pleasing to those who are not keen on browsing through the source code in the GitHub repositories.
If you are a casual user that just blogs on Steemit, you may easily miss the big picture of what Steem actually is.

Now, almost two years later, it is time to give you an update:

HD (1080p60) video material made by me with the use of gource.
Audio track: Instinct - Royalty Free Music from Bensound.
The Taiko Drum is a Japanese percussion instrument featuring this track.

What projects are featured in this visualization?

Of course Steem itself; the software that runs the Steem blockchain, then the Condenser that powers up the Steemit.com site, ImageHoster, a software that allows steemit.com (and other sites that choose to use it) to provide seamless image uploading without leaving post editor.
The Steemit.com site and many other web-based projects are powered by steem-js, the official JavaScript library for the Steem blockchain.
Another interesting project is jussi, appreciated by everyone who provides large-scale Steem-based services; jussi caches and routes API requests to steem nodes and/or microservices.
Regardless of the scale, if a service provider wants to enable interaction with Steem, there’s SteemConnect, which solves the token-based authentication hassle for various Steem services.

Those are the projects that are already up and running, and you might be familiar with them and use them on a daily basis (even without being aware of that).

But there are also such projects as Hivemind, which will be available soon and will power up the platform.

And all those project mentioned above are only the Steemit Inc. part.

Steem is bigger than that.

Take a look at @noisy's SteemProjects. There are over 440 projects listed there. This visualization shows only 15% of them, a small sample of what is happening on the Steem platform.

It DOES NOT include such awesome projects as: SteemMonsters (by @aggroed and @yabapmatt), D.Sound (by @prc), DTube (by @heimindanger), SteemPeak (by @asgarth, @dmytrokorol and @jarvie), and many, many, more.

So when you are talking about Steem during the
Invest in Steem Social Media Blast Day on September 3, to Make STEEM a Top 20 Cryptocurrency, remember about what you have just seen.

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The Steem ecosystem is growing by the day. It's a great place for people to try creative ideas. Just keep them coming. I do have concerns that the 'brand' gets a little lost. It's not obvious when you go to some of the sites that Steem is behind the scenes. I think we need a 'Powered by Steem' badge on all of them.


Or a “Powered Up By STEEM” badge.


I think this would be valuable. I had no idea why some people were posting things to dTube until I learned that it was a project run along Steemit.

First of all receive a cordial greeting, sorry if my question doesn't come up but I need help from someone with knowledge and you are number 1 on the witness list. I recently decided to create delegation accounts for my blood brothers. I didn't have much experience with that so when I created the first account I didn't copy the password. I took the delegation off the account but it's been more than 16 days and the delegation is not coming back to me. How can I get my SPs back? I would really appreciate any help that you or anyone else can please give me in this regard as I have not found this information anywhere.


Sure, no problem.
There's a difference between delegating SP to someone and creating account with delegation. In the second case, you have to wait 30 days for delegation to return.


Thank you for your reply. I was worried, I hadn't found that explanation anywhere no matter how hard I looked!

How cool's that! Very creative, I like it.
I missed your first video but watched it now. Funny how some users bounce around in the very beginning - as if they had to go find their niche.

I think that may even be a key driver to success on Steem, whether you act as an individual or represent a project/team: it's all about finding your tribe and then.... grow.

Again, thanks for the insight into your creative mind! :-)


Awesome visualization! Take a look at relations between top 100 communities, their sizes and most active users engagement via https://steemverse.com/
Comparable analysis point of view.

Excellent visual representation of the steem development over time @gtg love the choice of graphics ✌

It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

This type of article is very important, because for those of us who are just beginning, we can nourish ourselves and inform ourselves of this fabulous network

This is such an awesome visual representation of the blockchain! I have always envisioned it as its own growing ecosystem becoming larger and more interconnected which is exactly what we are seeing here. I was surprised to see how much had already been in place by the time I joined at the beginning of this year. I also definitely have felt the expansion seen this year and cannot even imagine how this will look in the next year with the new projects and changes coming, especially the development and launch of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs).

beautiful fractal. wonderful when things we are interested in technically are so beautiful :)

@gtg, I on the platform am slightly more than a year, but I don't cease to be surprised how it develops, applications and so on appear, it very much pleases!!!

I always loved those visual representation. :-)


I have an idea for the next one already, I hope that it will take me less time to produce it than this one. :-)

After signing up here in January of 2018 I remained a casual blogger until March. after that I realized something very crucial for my growth here.

As the prices of steem dropped the STU value of each post dropped as well, but on the other hand the the number of Steem tokens that I was earning per week were growing. Now I blog on Steem full time and try accumulate more and more SP. I know what's coming next year and I also understand that the greater the stake in this system I have, the better its going to be.

In this race to earn more SP I was starting to forget the community until this last June, when I met some truly great people on the Steemit platform and since then I have been a fan of the community here......

this is some crazy witchcraft... but i approve!!! i keep on wondering what polip (i think this would be accurate to say) is dlive, but keep can't land on a conclusion.

Hi @gtg. I didn't know all that and is above my pay grade lol. I never know how things work really but need to spend more time understanding the behind the scenes as such. Thank you.

Love the visual representation. Imagining the future of steem looking at the past and present just makes me smile whenevr I think about it

It amazes me the potential that Steem has as the future unfolds. It seems so versatile and community friendly, it is a great working model and can only see upward movement.

It's just so nice to see how Steem eco-system evolves the past year. I personally really enjoy using dapps like DTube, Steemhunt, Steempress. For sure, with HF20 and hivemind, Steem is going to be even more amazing.

Nice drum beats btw!

The Steem Social Media Blast Day should be a three-day or week long effort, instead of just one day, IMO. But, I hope the one day push does some good in boosting the platform. I almost always bring up steemit somewhere in conversations and tell folks how awesome it is. And when I do I usually try to bring out something that they could do on steemit to add value themselves. I think it's going to take off sooner or later, and the best thing is there still seems to be a lot going on even though the prices are down. And it's not all just talk about how Steem is doing. People are still here, engaged and posting great content, and that's encouraging.

There are over 440 projects listed

whau 440 projects !? I didn't know that, thx @gtg hope we see you in steemfest³

Very interesting, @gtg. But I have a question:

  • Why is it that e.g. Utopian.io was in the animation even in 2016 (as it was launched in 2017). Is it due to the fork of busy?

Also, the names for the projects weren't readable in the end.

But other than that, nice visualisation.


I guess that's because they had some objects in their repository that had creation dates at that time.
I had also a preview with yet another version of visualization with the parameters set to fold all those objects that weren't accessed in the last 60 seconds, then the tree is much more readable as it consist only of recently active objects, but on the other hand I wanted to show the difference with the original video from 2016 :-)

I joined about one year ago and indeed - it was a totally different platform. Steem growth rate is amazing in my opinion. Many great and potential projects have already been published and I think there will be more!

Holy sh*t, it's alive and beautiful! :) Here is the very fast version of this clip if someone has no time to meditate over the 9 minutes long original art of The Magician. Great work!

such a twisted, crazy star of hoarfrost, with a mobile structure ❄️

(The Taiko Drums are perfect for this visualization :)

And yet dogecoin is worth twice as much marketcap. That is unbelieveable!


Not to mention that there are tons of tokens that don't have any working product...


Recent research is saying 65% of all tokens have no working product. Some of the "working" ones are not great. I'm relatively new to this platform and it's by far the most developed and I include Ethereum when I say this.

There is so much field on steem for developing projects, it's almost impossible to show all of them in that kind of audiovisual representation.

And what is most interesting about all of this, despite it seems to be big deal is that is just the beginning, we are very far away from what we will achieve in the future.

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Mesmerizing visualization of the Steem interweb!

Gandalf! Btw... I love the music, I feel like I'm in the jungle... Hehe
Good music for concentrate! I'll keep repeating ;D

Great post, I like the visual concept. I am still relatively new and learning a lot about crypto and the block chain but the Steemit rum projects are still pretty unknown to me.

Hey @gtg - I was so immersed in the SSMBD and my most epic article yet on the Investor Opportunities in Steem that I missed curating for a few days! This is a great video - I love it. Really pleased to see you on the #promo-steem tag. Thanks for re-sharing this important community message. Cheers

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Thanks for sharing, finding out I need to change more and more of my witness votes. Noisy I need to add and find out who is working on EOS and other places not steem and remove those votes! any tips? IT Wizard huh, I used to be one of those... in the stoned ages

Thanks a lot for being such good witness, I updated my vote, I do that every 2-3 months and I'm still voting you as a witness and I included you in this post to introduce you to a very good steemian : One of the best steemians

I think steem will be the best in recent future.

Hi there @gtg I hope you may be great. I need to ask you some questions about being a witness. Please let me know how can I contact you. Thanks.

A big hug from Venezuela. STEEM ON.


Feel free to contact me directly on steem.chat, as Gandalf.

nice project O.ob

Really @steemit is a awesome platform. It increasing day by day with various content. And your post is so good with presenting this development.

Wow is really impressive, everything that Steem means and everything that it really is, it's not just Steemit, apparently it's much more than that. I am happy to belong to this great community!!!

My new steemit account balance 0.00 Sir help


And it will stay like that and you will lose a lot of reputation if you don't stop spamming and posting plagiarized content.


@gtg hello,I see you are quite popular.So the account which was trying to make a fool out of people by putting on fake stock image,finally got hidden.Thank you for this.You were watching out for a lot lot of people.

That account earned $8 from people by creating a fake identity.Just because of you he or she couldn't get away with it.So I wanted to say thanks to you.You are a true role model for the community.

@gtg you are real value for Steem and yes new projects and promotions on steemit are increasing very quickly in couple of year I can see a bull run in this blog.

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To @gtg
thank you for your vote..
I'm @areuspicy from japan!
I'm writting about spice & southIndian food & aryuveda..
So if you are interested please continue to thank you ^^

I must say this is great. Well to me i may not be more informed abput this project you have just written about but i guess this is great anf sounds nice. I was also looking forward of establishing a project also by myself when i am more stable in this steemit platform like others have done and i hope to reward this steemit platform back

truth and real words! God bless you for your work 👏 Great post as always!

Lovely way to show the blossoming steem and its comingdays...future is sparkling as ever

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It's cool to see how big the steem network has gotten compared to even a year ago.

@gtg On video as if salute, even festively somehow)

This is crazy ;) Everyone should see this! Thanks for share.

Hi GTG! Could you help me? What is the reason of your negative vote for my post?


I don't think that this post is worth of such reward and (thus) visibility.

So much to read and understand about Steem. I follow EOS and sadly I notice those that do so much for EOS do not get all the recognition and votes they deserve. So If there are any short cuts to help me understand who is really providing a service to Steem other then the power and equipment to run it I would be very appreciative of that info. I will be following you gtg so I can see what service you provide. I also resteemed this so I can look back on this as a guide. TY

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