Genesis of the WhaleBuilder | A paid voting bot to increase your post payouts

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Hello Steemians, hoping you are all fine and steemin, let me introduce you to the newest bid bot in the town, the @whalebuilder. WhaleBuilder in itself is a large project and this bot is a small start. @whalebuilder gives you an oppertunity to make much more profits from your Steem Power. Apart from the 15% annual interest rate on SP you can earn more by lending it out. This lending of SP in Steem world is known as deligation.
Deligating your SP to @whalebuilder will earn you daily payouts in SBD, which is directly proportional to the SP deligated.


WhaleBuilder believes in complete transparency. The total amount of SBD and STEEM that the bot raises in bids in 24 hours is calculated. This whole amount is distributed and paid in SBD among the SP deligators on a daily basis after a percentage is reserved for the bot account to cover the costs, time and for the overall growth of the bot.

The percentage reserved for the bot has not been decided upon yet, but when decided they will be bare minimum to cover the costs, etc. and to increase the profit of the deligators.

#How to deligate to @whalebuilder?
Delegating Steem power is simple! thanks to @justyy for creating such an easy to use deligation tool.
Click on DELIGATE to go to the tool.
In the optional deligator ID field put your username without @ and in deligatee ID put @whalebuilder without @. Fill the amount you want to deligate, select SP in dropdown and click on deligate with There sign the transaction with your username and WIF/password and you will get an instant confirmation.

If the tool is not working, try customizing the links below by adjusting the username and amount of vests!

1,000 Steem Power

10,000 Steem Power

100,000 Steem Power

Delegation Leaderboard!

@mirhimayun 300 Steem Power
@danishmmir 126 Steem Power
@naseerbhat 65 Steem Power

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope it is useful for you today!



You got a 100.00% upvote from @whalebuilder courtesy of @danishmmir. Let your SP earn for you... Deligate it to @whalebuilder and earn as if you were self-voting, but without the shame!

Congratulations @whalebuilder, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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