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RE: HF20 Update: Hardfork Complete

in #steem3 years ago

this is taking far to long for the system to stabilize meanwhile our steemit it posts are dying and not being upvoted , I understand the fork was successful but users are paying a heavy price right now. And the Steem Team is doing a terrible job at informing users what is going on and lastly this okay the first day but at this point myself and plenty other steemians are losing money by the will we be reimbursted?


Its working fine for me

So your steem power is at 100% like before the HF?

I thought it was fine, i wwas voting alot

i try to keep my VP above 90% at all times. Just so i can upvote with a decent ammount of power. But that was not possible anymore. In essence steem lost 4 days of productivity. That by itself is a failure however you look at it.