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Hi Steemians!

This would be a really quick post. I just want to say that I'm still here and have not given up on Steem. It's been over 2 months since my last post as I went back to school after 2 years!

Long story, it was challenging to find a subject company for my thesis given stricter data privacy in the topic I've unfortunately proposed. Anyway, it's an unfinished business and glad that I'm back. However, I'm taking an extra class as penalty...pffff.


I'm still working full time and health isn't really doing well. I have shared about this before, I am still not clear of the suspicious papillary thyroid cancer.

Good news, 2 out of the 3 tumors are no longer found in the ultrasound. Not-so-good news, the bigger stubborn tumor has grown to 5cm. I had the biggest growth by more than a cm in the past 6 months despite a healthy diet! However, work has been toxic. #fuckstress

My alternative doctor has also closed her clinic, unsure if this is temporary. There are rumors that it is due to the recent scare in the naturopathic community here in the Philippines. Last year, a popular alternative doctor's clinic was shut down by medical societies and the Philippine FDA. You can look up Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch's story.

I thought these were all just conspiracy theories but there are videos on how these conventional doctors and big agencies deprive us of alternative health choices. Not all, but there are bad guys out there.


I am trying out a new protocol by the Medical Medium, the one who popularized the celery juice movement. It's a leap of faith by just following instructions from his e-book, with no actual guidance from a health practitioner.

With that said, I have to take extra care of myself and not work too hard. I will have time for Steem after I finish my masters. I have pending travel content from my awesome and life-changing trip in Palawan so see you in the next few months for that.

I will set up more auto votes for now. I wish you all well!



Congratulations on going back to school!

Glad your smaller tumours managed to be taken care of by your immune system. (I would guess.) But sorry to hear your larger one has grown. Hope your health improves over the coming months and years.

As to the celery diet...make sure you're still getting all the vitamins and minerals you need and enough calories for daily functioning.

Doing a clense or fast or something like that is fine and even healthy occasionally...but just remember that the word diet actually refers to what you eat to survive. It's not something that you just go on for a few weeks or something. It's what you eat every day. So if a diet isn't sustainable, you have to take that into consideration.

In regards to alternative health clinics...some sketchy ones should be closed down occasionally. But, alternative medicine, including herbal medicine, is largely not accepted in many countries, despite studies on some herbs showing actual helpful results, either alone, or when combined with various medications. There are even quite a number of medications that are derived from plants. A big one that's been a problem for many years are opiates. I don't think anyone would argue that poppies have medical uses. Yet they argue against all sorts of herbs being used...unless they're in pill form.

That actually opens up the market for abuse, because there is no option when people want less harsh methods. They can't easily go to a doctor and pursue alternative medicine very easily in many cases. Their doctor may dismiss it all.

But, if someone wants to pursue whatever alternative medicine they want to, they should be able to, as long as their practitioner isn't misleading them.

Thanks geek! The morning celery juice is just part of the protocol, it includes other food and supplements too. This one isn't specific to a diet so it can be for vegans or meat eaters but with restrictions.

The doctor I mentioned is legit and has cured people with stage 4 cancer. She's also a medical doctor but who's doing natural treatment. She's now in the US and has a manufacturing facility there now approved by the US FDA, for the same supplements that the PH FDA rejected. You can see the scammers are the PH FDA and the medical societies here. Out of jealousy, or that she's a threat? We don't know yet but she was unjustly kicked out of the country through death threats. All the more I support natural meds now.

Of course, I still recognize modern meds for other things like diagnostics instruments I need and others. But I prefer holistic healing over band aid cure on symptoms. This doesn't apply to all illness I think, but mine isn't aggressive so I'm not so worried.

Supplements aren't actually that hard to be approved by the FDA. There are quite a few that are damaging to the liver or the kidneys. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't good for other things. Many drugs have horrible side effects.

It really shouldn't be medical science and alternative medicine. Sure, there should be some alternative medicine like spiritual beliefs...but...the way the medical system is... It's not always medical science. Sometimes they just prescribe what's recommended. Sometimes they ignore medical studies. Sometimes they don't do their homework and yet still act like they're infallible...

But still, some alternative medicine is just fantasy. So be careful.

Take care and good health.
I like celery, I always think I am eating pancit.

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Welcome back to the community and also sorry about your sickness , I beleive everything will be fine by God grace . I wish you success in your master program @wanderlass

Thank you! :)

Very nice to hear from you @wanderlass, I had been wondering 🔆.

Good luck with studies. I wish you good health and a stress-free life in which to heal.


Thank you for the well wishes and the pretty flower :)

I am so happy to hear from you! Hope the battle with the tumour will finally end for good. If the other two have disappeared there is always a chance it will happen to the stubborn growth as well. I wish you health and happiness!

Hello @rimicane! I'm so sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your encouraging words. A doctor also told me that if some tumors disappeared then it's a good sign :) How are you and your family?

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