My 1st Steem Anniversary | Reflecting on the Past Year Steeming

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Happy 1st Steem Anniversary to me and to everyone who are celebrating around this time! Last year's holidays became more memorable because I discovered a whole new world here.

This @dtube video is just a brief reflection of my experience in the past year. I'm finally a minnow woohoo! And happy to still be here.

Cheers! with local Bignay wine :)

Bonus photos from last year when I started anonymous ^_^


I even made a crappy intro so I did a "take 2" :)

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▶️ DTube

Confusing, the selfie thing? Not the wine effect? HAHAHA, I see what you did there!

Well, in one year I:

1: Met you
2: Saw you hiding your idendity
3: Saw you doing a face reveal
4: Saw you doing VLOGS!


Lol could be the wine too 😅
Nice to meet you on my first year and be teammates in Steemit Travelers 😊

It's great to have you as part of the team @wanderlass!!! Let's grow together in 2019!!!

Happy to be part of LOA. Thanks for having me in the team 😍

Congrats on your 1st anniversary @wanderlass! I think we all go through ups and downs on Steemit, but the downs are just a temporary phase so don't give up! Things will improve ( I'm not talking about the Steem price because if you're not trading it doesn't matter TBH) and when they do, you'll will be pleased that you're stuck around. Just enjoy yourself and everything will come together!

Ps. You downed the whole bottle yourself!! Next time don't forget to invite @ladiesofasia round!!

Thank you! I rarely look at crypto prices these days since I'm not a trader, more a hodler.

Hahaha yeah will surely get LOA on a wine night, with more bottles. Cheers! 🍷🍷🍷

@wanderlass, Congratulations your big achievement in Steem journey. One year stay mean you believe platform. Happy 01st steem anniversary.


Thank you! I do believe in the potential of this platform 😊

Congratulations on being here a year. What an amazing journey you have taken 😁

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Thank you! Was an amazing journey indeed 😊

Happy Anniversary @wanderlass!! Mine was yesterday LOL. It's been great to see how many of us started about the same time and where we are now. I look forward to see what the next year holds for us.

Thank you and happy anniversary too! I recall a lot of people joined this platform during that time. Happy we're still here 😊

Happy Anniversary,
Stay tuned my friend.
Have a good day.


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Thank you 😊

Congratulations on your 1 year Steemiversary! I'm glad that you decided to stick around.

Thanks geek! I like that word - Steemiversary. Will use that next time 😊

Yeah, will be very useful in a year. :P If you remember it.

I'll use it in greeting people :p

Happy anniversary :) many upvotes and followers in steem :)

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Thanks for the well wishes 😊

Congratulations for completing 1 year on steemit :), I hope that you will find more success here 😊😊


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Thank you! I wish the same for you 😊

Congrat to be around us and make the Steem blockchain shine. It is really hard in the current market condition.

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Thank you! It should only get better from where it is now. Hoping for the best for us 😊

Congras of being here more than a year, I'm here more than year and half and still excited about everything. I'm still building a community and improving a step by step. Thanks for being arround till now, I hope your second year will be even better. ☺

Thank you for your well wishes. I wish the best for you in the coming years here as well. There's a lot to improve in this young platform and that makes it more exciting. 😊

Cheers to you and well done for getting to this milestone! It has been difficult and we remember your 'almost about to quit' post. Glad you stuck by and made vlogs about your time in Sydney. We are pretty certain those vlogs brought some confidence back. Its not easy as it is the same with wannabe influencers on IG or those starting out on YouTube. Heck, some have been on those platform for years and they don't have even 1,000 followers/subs. Its also about setting the right expectations. Our advice would be live the life you want to live and include Steem(it) where you can. Don't bring unnecessary stress to your life. Progress is progress on here even if its a small post once a week. Patience and persistence. You could always count on our vote (for whatever its worth) 😉

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I agree with you as I tried to start a Youtube channel. Dtube is even better because we can start earning without those strict requirements that YT has.

And thank you so much, I remember you're part of those who encouraged me when I was down and about to quit. I owe you guys! I appreciate the vote as well and the support is priceless no matter the dollar equivalent. I stopped looking at it and just enjoy what I share here.

See you around. I think your anniversary is upcoming, right? 😃

No worries at all! We are here to support each other as we are all growing. Those who are here to make a quick buck and leave make themselves known quite quickly. You are right and we have done the same, post for the sake of posting. We had to remember our roots - post because it's our hobby and the Steem is just a bonus that will or will not have value in the future. Once your hobby turns into a profession then things will obviously change a bit.

Our date is the 8th of January, so not far off! Thinking of doing a vlog as well, so many people to thank! 😊

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That's why I don't look at the numbers so much anymore. Looking forward to your anniversary vlog 😀

Watched the whole video and I really enjoyed hearing your Steem journey in a nutshell!

I'm very happy to get to know more about you as a person.

Engaging and leaving comments that most resonate with my own journey and Please do not give up on becoming a digital Nomad because everything is possible and it's worth spending few years to design your own life and it took me 3 years to become one.

Happy to be part of your journey here and Cheers for 1st Steem Anniversary :)

And good things happens in second and third year!!

I appreciate your time watching. Thanks for always resteeming my dtube posts too, you're really helping the community here.

I'm still in the planning phase to become a digital nomad and hopefully get there soon. Thanks for the encouragement!

Cheers to the coming years! 😊

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@wanderlass Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

Congratulations on your Steemit anniversary 🎉

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Thank you :)

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