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RE: How you can help make Let's Eat a Killer Steem App

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Congratulations for the app and thanks for the mention! I am an earlier adopter of solomo (social, localization, mobile) apps and still an user of Foursquare/Swarm apps and now Lets Eat. They have the gamefication thing, with badges for users, rankings and even corporate coins (still useless). They show recommendations, trend places and location based advertising.

Lets Eat could be different as the first in the cryptocurrency market, maybe showing crypto friendly places, meetup tools, direct payments and pre paid payments (in crypto with discounts) or features inspired in the tradition of caffè sospeso in Italy and the recent Pay it forward pizza in USA.

Congratulations, thanks and good luck again!


I really like those ideas. What I expect to happen (even if we don't specifically ask for them) is that the places that get reviewed first will be the places that accept crypto and the edgier places. They will naturally lend themselves to our audience. I fully intend on adding in extra detail to the review templates to allow for things such info about crypto payments. One day you may even be able to pay with steem with this app.

That cafe sospeso is a fantastic idea for the app. Hmm I wonder how we can add in that feature soon. I love it. Thank you.

The gamification aspect and reward badges are definitely in the plans and hopefully early versions will be coming soon.

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