How you can help make Let's Eat a Killer Steem App

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Let’s Eat is building the first decentralised Restaurant Review Application, on the Steem Blockchain.

Let’s Eat reviews from around the world.

Let's Eat is an android mobile application for the Steem Blockchain that helps you find and share places to eat on the go.

Beta App (Android Only)

The first milestone in this project was the release of a beta mobile application where Steem users from around the world can add reviews for their favourite restaurants, cafes, eateries. At last we have an alternative to centralised apps like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

But Let’s Eat is much more than just an alternative …

Let’s Eat will focus resources on delivering an enhanced user experience rather than focusing resources on extracting advertising revenue.

Blockchain …

Let’s Eat is built on a decentralised Blockchain so you no longer have to wait for your review to be approved and of course you have the opportunity to earn Steem for your reviews.

Steady Growth

I have been on holidays for the past few weeks so promotion and further development hasn't started yet but we have had a great organic response in the first few weeks. We have almost 100 downloads, and nearly 200 reviews published with the app. This is a great start and we are now working every day on improving the experience.

A big shout out to the most frequent of the Let’s Eat Pioneers

@cflclosers @rajaaceh @chefvince @dilimunanzar @helmibireuen @anggreklestari @ettydiallova @wagnertamanaha @ahmadnayan @east.autovote @nnaachlam @wnfdiary

I hope you are all enjoying the experience and will tell your friends about it.

Let’s Eat Challenge

Check out this great idea by @cflclosers

Places Near You

When you open the app you see reviews and places in your locality. There are two sets of Pins, the Let’s Eat Pins (designed by our very own @podanrj) show where a review has been added on the Steem Blockchain. *We have extended the range that you can view now when your searching so all Reviews in your town should now appear.*


A distinguishing feature for this product will be incentivisation provided by the Steem community. Upvotes for good reviews will reward people who are contributing quality reviews.
The @letseat account will be upvoting content posted with the app to incentivise its use.
If you have some spare SP please consider delegating to @letseat so that we can incentivise quality content and grow the stable of appealing Steem Apps.
From next week on I will be using that account for all upvoting of quality posts.


Let’s Eat is going to be fun. It will get interesting when we start giving bigger upvotes for certain reviews. You are going to have so much fun using this app, I promise!

Development Costs

We are not currently charging any fees or sharing in rewards posted with the app so please upvote this post to support development costs.

Next Milestone …


The next phase of the beta will be development of the analytic capabilities of the platform which will ensure quality review are rewarded proportionately and additionally provide an enhanced experience for users of the app.

Let’s Eat (Finding a place near you)

If you have tried the app you will notice it uses the GPS on your phone to provide suggestions for places near you. Rather than being an app aimed at posting long lengthy reviews about places you have been in the past, we want the app to be used on the go and provide up to date relevant data about places and reviews as you experience them.

There is a feature to save drafts and finish later and you can make edits to posts via the interface after you have posted them.

This post in the following link shows you what a post looks like on your account after publishing with the app

How can you help?

The biggest shout out I want to make to the community with this post is to let your friends know about it. If you are at a meetup please let people know about the app. It is available in the play store for download.

By getting more users from around the world to use it we can enhance the experience and work on additional features.

Could this be the killer app for Steem?

Tell Your Friends, Upvote, Resteem and Download the app today! You don't even need a Steem account to use it for browsing restaurants near you. People not on Steem can use it and learn about Steem.


Wow. After a long time. And letseat available on playstore. Good job brade.

It's my honorable to use @letseat.
Because I can share the place that confortable to eat with good menus.
Thanks to @eroche, already developer this App.
I'm enjoying use it!

I am honored to be able to use an easy-to-use application. Thumbs up!

another useful project on the steemit platform. Let's eat and review all the great restaurants together!

Many thanks for consideration my account as one of pioneers. As a local guide, I used to review restaurant on Google map. I am happily doing it on @letseat now on.

What i don't like to use this app is, when i open my review on steemit, the photos i uploaded via letseat are being too small on web. Okay it is app for mobile but i also want to see it on steemit.

I see your point, we will work on making the image size more dynamic but for the moment you can manually edit those after posting via

Ah okay... thank you for this good news, i am waiting for update.
If i edited them on steemit, are they also being updated on letseat?

If i edited them on steemit, are they also being updated on letseat?

Correct just try not to change the layout in the code. You can change links, add or remove text but if you change the layout (at the moment) it may not appear in Let's Eat.

As an Indonesian in Taiwan app lets eat really helps me.
Of course my friends will need this, as most of us don't understand chinese so with lets eat we are very easy to find places to eat.
And now I'm really enjoying and happy with this app, because not only can eat well but can get vote 😂😂 many thanks for @eroche to make this @letseat

I'm gonna try to review a couple of restaurants this weekend and will send my feedback

Awesome, I appreciate all feedback too thanks 😉


I want to know what language I should use to write a review?

You can use any language you wish write a review @shine.wong. The app has been tested with English so it may have errors with non western language encoding but I would love if you try and let me know how you get on.

I got it, Thanks. I will try it to use Chinese.

Congratulations for the app and thanks for the mention! I am an earlier adopter of solomo (social, localization, mobile) apps and still an user of Foursquare/Swarm apps and now Lets Eat. They have the gamefication thing, with badges for users, rankings and even corporate coins (still useless). They show recommendations, trend places and location based advertising.

Lets Eat could be different as the first in the cryptocurrency market, maybe showing crypto friendly places, meetup tools, direct payments and pre paid payments (in crypto with discounts) or features inspired in the tradition of caffè sospeso in Italy and the recent Pay it forward pizza in USA.

Congratulations, thanks and good luck again!

I really like those ideas. What I expect to happen (even if we don't specifically ask for them) is that the places that get reviewed first will be the places that accept crypto and the edgier places. They will naturally lend themselves to our audience. I fully intend on adding in extra detail to the review templates to allow for things such info about crypto payments. One day you may even be able to pay with steem with this app.

That cafe sospeso is a fantastic idea for the app. Hmm I wonder how we can add in that feature soon. I love it. Thank you.

The gamification aspect and reward badges are definitely in the plans and hopefully early versions will be coming soon.

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