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Hello, wafricans,


Welcome to another amazing week and to another edition of WAFRO show on the wafrica server, I am your host/anchor @mediahousent.
Let me seize this opportunity to welcome you all to a new week. And also to invite you to the show tonight by 8:30 pm.

In a bid to serve you better and deliver a topnotch service to our esteemed members of the community and entire blockchain we have re-branded our show to accommodate your wishes, take care of loopholes and educate a lot of people who seek knowledge rather than incentives.


Major Changes

• Promote your post/content on the show- Whaleshares & Steemit contents.
• Our guests will be live on the show to discuss with us and we can learn from their wealth of knowledge.
• Share your ideas with us (NB: it must be an open source idea).

The objective is simple we get to celebrate our African idols by showcasing them as our face of the week. And like I do say, it can be your turn to be celebrated as the next icon of wafrica

On the roundtable talk tonight, what are the other advantages available on Steem blockchain?

You can be the next wafrica face of the week, why don't you join us. You can be part of the show, just click on this and join our discord channel Sunday exactly by 8:30PM




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We'll be there for sure.

Thanks for coming guys.

Sorry I missed this weekend, but I will usually be there every weekend.