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I'd like to officially announce the following page that monitors the status of the Steem blockchain seed nodes:

There you can see each seed node, its geographical location (country), whether it is online, and who is providing it.

This originated after abit discovered a bug where seed nodes could get stuck and not accept incoming connections after a while, more details can be found in this post.

Similarly, for the BitShares and the Muse network, the seed nodes status page can be found here:

This is the first project/tool I have developed for the Steem network, and I plan to do more as can be seen in my witness proposal. Mostly, I plan to work on tools for monitoring Steem nodes and ensuring the continued health and security of the network.

So if you would like to support my work, please vote for witness wackou - thank you!

Note: I don't have all the info about who is providing which seed node, please let me know who you are so I can update the page (either in slack or here as comments).

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Great work steemians!

This is great. Thanks wackou, now I don't have to maintain that list on Slack ;)

well, thank you for initially setting up this list, that's where I got my data from ;)

Awesome page, well done! (aka is run by me. is mine
thanks for this service, you're already in my witness vote list ;)

good luck ♥♥♥♥♥

Thanks for this posts! the info is great!

Hey Wackou

Could you please help me find the wallet to run the steem node i can't find it anywhere, thanks :):):)

Hi @wackou, great resource, congratulations. Greeting from Mexico!

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