Is STEEM nothing but hot air?

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Let me start by answering my own question...In my personal opinion, absolutely NO!

But I have to be completely honest with you, I haven't been able to figure out in which direction the application #steemit is going, what is the actual health condition of the #blockchain and all its applications.

Steam is by definition "only" hot air!
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Issues and solutions

In my quest, trying to find an answer and maybe even reasons, I have been reading a lot of posts concerning this issue.

The basic tool that I use is The weekly Steem stats by @penguinpablo, a great tool to use, trying to figure out the state the blockchain is in. You should definitely pay the penguin a visit, to see what I mean.

Reading the latest stats, it looks like Steemit is in a pretty good shape, better than what it looked like a month or two ago. It look like we are finding back to a decent amount of daily new users, and the daily users count is around 60.000. With more than 1 million accounts, this last number could, of course, be better...but anyway, the number doesn't seem to be dropping anymore, that is a good sign🙂

There is one thing that I'm missing in the stats though, a thing that is very important telling signs of health condition, and important to get an idea of the direction STEEM price is heading:

I would love to get regular updates on how much STEEM that is tied up in Steem power in total, and how that number is evolving. Is the powering up bigger than the powering down, or is it the other way around?
Maybe it is in the that's and I have missed it??? If it isn't there, I would like to know where to find that information, if you know, I could use your help!🙂

Lately there has been many negative posts about Steemit, and its future. People are often blaming the lack of good content or the fact that Steemit has become flooded with bots....I'm not sure that these are the only reasons, at least not the main reasons...I'll get back to that.

First of all, yes there is some bad content on Steemit, but I don't think that it is that bad an issue at all...We can't all be great content creature, and an audience is needed to curate...People tend to forget that this is a social media platform, and even the audience are allowed to have a voice at a place like this...

Secondly, concerning the bots, I think the problem is not as big as some people say, and I believe that they are an essential part of a social media economy...Hell, some of the people complaining about bots, are using bots themselves🙂

No, the main reason for the sometimes negative voices on Steemit is the volatility of STEEM/SBD, and the fact that this volatility is hurting peoples earnings. Some people think they have found their sacred cow, and they just want to keep milking it...and as the STEEM price continues to go lower, they realize that they actually have to work to keep their earnings...

Just wait and see, the minut the STEEM price passes 2—3 dollars, everything will semm bright again....And if we ever pass $10...hysteria🙂 A picture easily reckognized from the stock market🙂

I'm a firm believer in STEEM and the steem blockchain! There is so much going on, new apps and ways to implement the blockchain is seen almost every day...Just give it some time, and we will get there!!

In the meantime, do some quality posts, interact and have fun, stop thinking about earnings only, and enjoy the social media experience👍

Thanks for reading🙂

Please feel free to upvote, comment or resteem if you like this post🙂

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In the meantime, do some quality posts, interact and have fun, stop thinking about earnings only, and enjoy the social media experience

Couldn't agree more with this last suggestion😉 that's the way I came through from the first day I joined till today, though I still struggling to create quality posts. But engagement... I love that more that anything.

I think you're right.. it's the SBD/Steem price that influence the activity of the users. Bots? Hahaha.. I'd choose Steembasicincome instead of other services to get the bot votes.

Thanks for sharing your thought with us👍


Engagement, that is the key word!! I have on several occasions mentioned that the people who are making great commments should be rewarded more, because quality content, to me, is content that makes people react...and a good post has a lot of interaction...
Some of the big ones on Steemit just post...and post...and post...relying on the upvotes they get from friends...never bother to give a reply...Is that quality content?? Not to me!
I'm a big fan of @steembasicincome...have invested quite a bit🙂 but when all comes to all, it's a bot like the rest...but like I said, they are essential to a social media economy like this👍
Thanks for a great reply!


Some of the big ones on Steemit just post...and post...and post...relying on the upvotes they get from friends...never bother to give a reply...Is that quality content?? Not to me!

Hahaha.. you're absolute totally correct😂 don't forget that we still have those who never posts anything but still upvote the planktons average posts😊 I know who does that all this time. I stopped to comments on "big on steemit" if I found they never respond on my comments even a dust vote. I'd better join the school of minnow where everyone support each othet better.

Ahh about the engagement ... yes there are some great rewards for the engagers 😊 I got rewards from good-karma for finished at 3rd place on the leaderboard top commenters and still trying to climb up high in a weekly engagement leagues😀 but I don't create "just a common comment" to get the rewards. I am voicing my mind through it. And so glad that more and more steemians trying to engage with each other these days.

Another issue that probably less discuss on steemit by the planktons and minnow is about the HF20 and poor delegation sp from the big whale to the community minded account.


You deserve the rewards, because you take the time the post...and then make relevant comments..That's what this community needs!
I comment rarely on the big ones, because I know that they will only reward themselves...I'm not looking for big upvotes in the first answer could be nice!
You have to look for people who have the same mindset...debate comes first, then rewards if any🙂
Don't really know what hf20 will make of changes...if any..Could hope for a more fair split of the reward pool...but who knows🙂

And if we ever pass $10...hysteria🙂

It's going to be crazy around here when that happens. Lots of Steem to the moo and Steem is best eva posts :)

The daily difference between SP power downs and ups is under point 6 of @penguinpablo's posts.


So true🙂 Thanks, I'll look again👍

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

You should definately pay the penguin a visit, to see what I mean.
It should be definitely instead of definately.

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