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Progressed half-rest SteemFest Digest:

Bequest assessed

Steem Uncessed

I could have Guessed: that every Guest
from East and West to the SteemFest
is being Blessed.


This Fluoresced Turquoise-Celeste
their eyes Caressed, as Unprocessed
pure Alkahest.

Fluoresced Celeste

As if Possessed, on whim's Behest,
without Protest and any Rest
or being Stressed


They went on Quest to Krakow Crest -
Not Bucharest nor Budapest.
Oh, what a Gest!

With all the Zest they now Congest
to make Contest with Cryptos' Best.
Whole World Impressed!


Though tough slugfest - don't be Depressed:
rivals can't Wrest Blockchain Finessed
Bitcoin's Bequest.


Witness attest: Whitepaper Yessed
STEEM Business MEST however Dressed -
It's not a Jest!

Some do Suggest : lest Steemit Messed -
do not Molest Votes-Farming Nest
as lover's Breast.


Each spammer Pest not being Jessed
receives his Prest like Mae West
kept tight Apprest.

BidBots Obsessed Whales do Suggest
Not to Divest, but Reinvest
earned Interest.


For Treasure Chest Their Love Professed,
Each Steemit Vest is Coalesced
Steem Power Threste.

Let's Manifest Our will Expressed:
STEEM has ingressed Communal Trest
as rare Acquest.


I Nominate for COM Contest these 2 persons:


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