Dancing for STEEM! + Process

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Seems like a lot of people liked my Kool-Aid guy, so I made another one along those lines.



A few minutes into making this I also had the bright idea to record the process. I won't bore you with the hours long version. I sped the whole process 20x so it's just a few minutes, and you can jam to some tunes as well. I think this is more entertaining :)


Hope you guys enjoy! As always, thanks for looking!


Now this is something that deserve to be on the trending page. I hope everyone sees this amazing work of art you have created!

Thanks @ayushjalan! That would be great, but it's doubtful. It's fine though, glad you like it! :)

This is awesome... It's like a Disco Steem Sasquatch. Thanks for sharing, nice work!

Haha, Disco Sasquatch. Maybe that would have been a better title.

That is so cool!! It is also an incredible amount of work. Great job. 😍

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Thanks @jluvs2fly! It's a few hours of work, I wouldn't say an incredible amount :)

This is awesome! Love it! Great job:D

that is amazing! you must have so much patience!!

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how did you make that giant illuminated steem logo ?

Thanks for the feature @web-gnar! There's a video of the whole process there in the post :)

Your work was featured in @ARTzone!

Courtesy of @web-gnar of @artzone.curators

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