Delegations are worth the effort

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I was just talking about delegations on Steem with @tijntje. It's a lucrative way of using your steempower. Often you get a (little) revenue on your delegated Steempower and thats just one great side of it, the other side is that you enable great steem initiatives to help boost their dapss, projects or community purposes.


@slobberchops has created this account to support people who need some encouragement or people who supported him in his (succesful) steemit journey.

You can read his motivation here ,

I, on my turn, support his account with a delegation because I thinks (one) he is a awesome guy, (two) he does has the best intentions with Steemit and (three) With his interaction with me he has helped me a lot with good content, his great stories and his support in general.


The operation Curation Bot is a bot which support (starting) steemians with curations and upvotes on their (original and creative) content. @ocd and @ocdb are the main accounts. With the curation bot it is possible (when you are whitelisted) to get a nice revenue on your posts. It also works as a great exposure in the OCD Daily posts where Steemians are featured. For example look here


Stax (@silvergoldbotty) is a delegation based community upvote bot and quality community content curator. We have a growing group of amazing content creators, and open to anyone producing valuable content on any topic or tag and using any block chain interface. We also manually curate 3 posts from our community every day and showcase them in our daily post and resteem our favorite from those 3.

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SMG (Steemit Mastermind Group

This Curation Group is founded by @kenistyles. Although it is (as in a lot of tribes) a bit silent at the moment, some great things were achieved.

Check the account


I love the @Steem-plus addon for Chrome, it gives so much more functionality and information in the @steemit interface. I would advise everybody to use it and to support them for it..


@steem-ua is the Alghoritmic Curation & Upvoting program. It ranks your posts and position based on UA. It's usefull information of which you also get some advise on how to climb on the ranking :)

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The Rising

This tribe is similar to OCDB and I just delegated to them for a week.
I like there vision and their discord channel..

check their account here

So, to whom do you delegate and for what reason? There are so many great tribes and communities here on steemit... So let's help eachother !! That's the main reason :)

Have a freat day,


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NICE. Going through all your delegation accounts to see whether I would like to chip in too :)

It's worth the 'investment' :)

Thanks Peter!, I haven't done much with chops for a while now, but it's still going but voting more poorly due to the decreased price of the token.

Any Time !!, yeah the votes aren't that good at the moment, but the purpose is what's count. !! So thank you :)

I use some of those, but I'm not relying on them. I would rather have votes from people, but I appreciate that any extra cents can matter for others. There are some out there I would not support as they do not blacklist junk.

Of course the engagement and thus votes from eachtother are much more valuable in many ways. I do believe it can work in a very positive way for those new of fresh to Steem and Steemit, it can work very motivating.

I use stax and steemua.. great services.

Does therising just send you daily steem and sbd or do they upvote based on your delegation?

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theshining does both but I don't know if it's with the same account.

Very nice! I have been delegating a lot lately too. That seems the best way to get a return on your investment. Post rewards are pretty low right now and some of the groups you can delegate to give you a decent upvote. I delegate to Partiko because I use the app a lot, @steembasicincome, @wherein, @mrsbozz, @dlike, and @steemhunt

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