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RE: New Art Contest - Sharpen Sistem's image

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Hey @dimimp I hope you still have some space for new workers because im bringing in my crew with some excellent projects that will blow your mind.
SJ new logo.png5e70d489-c3e0-4be7-94c2-c89fcd9d1058.jpg



@dimimp sir this is coppy and 2nd one is my...He is not a good man because he coppy from another entry..

hello. can you explain? why you use my design?

3D Applo

Notice from @dimimp!

I make a 3D vedio about important notice of you.Please promote me!



Sir Please kindly response Steemjet Bangladesh Community bugget

Our bugget is 2000 Steem

Please paid our bugget then i will able to do this program

Only waiting for @dimimp Response

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