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None of the other acquisitions Tron has made have broken or harmed the companies, and I don't think Steem will be diminished either. Harming Steem could only cost Tron money, and that's not why companies make acquisitions.

Tron has bought Opera, BitTorrent, Poloniex, and now Steemit. Does anyone else see a pattern here? Steem is going to bring a lot of value to Tron, and your work is going to be key in that @vandeberg.

Thanks for being the guy making all the good stuff happen on Steem.


Just to clarify sir, and for the avoidance of doubt, Tron has purchased Steemit inc and its assets as well as Ned's, it has not purchased the Steem brand or the Steem blockchain, but it has purchased some STEEM, the currency.

LOL. I even know better, and still typo'd. Fixed now.


Not confusing at all

Nice. Yeah I'm thinking this will help the situation. Liking the exposure and price hike...

Add value to Tron... mmmm

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