All I know is what is up on The Steem community has been doing an amazing job working to get community run witnesses back into the top 20 spots. There is still a ways to go. In terms of whether Tron has more stake they are holding back which has yet to be used - your guess is as good as mine.

My understanding from folks that have undertaken the research, and whom I consider reliable sources, is that Tron currently controls ~100M Steem.


That is a ridiculous amount of steem if true for a chain that only has about 370 million steem and a good chunk of that is in exchanges so the impact of governance of ~100 million is incredibly centralized


Yes, it is. Particularly in view of abandoned accounts and folks that have lost keys. I hear about this frequently enough that there is probably a significant amount of Steem unavailable to vote for witnesses. That magnifies Tron's influence some.

Prior to the Soft Fork, I was told Tron controlled 150% of stake available to vote for witnesses. That has since changed, and many more people are now voting for witnesses than were in the past. According to, there was a lot less lost Steem than I had assumed.



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