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When the initial purchase of Steemit, Inc. by Tron took place, I was optimistic about a potential "partnership" between the Steem and Tron community. I saw a lot of areas where we could work together, and the sum of the parts would be greater than the individual parts.

I also opposed the 22.2 soft fork that a super-majority of the witnesses implemented, and instead ran my own version (22.3) which restricted Tron's accounts from witness voting, but not their ability to power down or transfer funds. My view at the time was that if the witness vote restrictions were not enough to secure the chain (and Tron tried to power down funds to get around the restrictions) that our path forward at that point would be to start a new separate chain without Tron.

Since the hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain by Tron and the exchanges that used their customers' stake to vote in sock-puppet witnesses, I am 100% opposed to Justin and Tron's agenda. My view is that they are liars and they have put their own self-interests above those of our blockchain and community, and done permanent damage to Steem. They are not to be trusted, and I see zero opportunity to work together with them in any way shape or form.

Let me make this crystal clear: I am 100% opposed to the hostile takeover by Tron and will be actively working with the Steem community to take back the chain.


Could you comment on the adequacy of stake currently possessed by Tron to effect governance of Steem at it's sole option please?


All I know is what is up on The Steem community has been doing an amazing job working to get community run witnesses back into the top 20 spots. There is still a ways to go. In terms of whether Tron has more stake they are holding back which has yet to be used - your guess is as good as mine.

My understanding from folks that have undertaken the research, and whom I consider reliable sources, is that Tron currently controls ~100M Steem.


That is a ridiculous amount of steem if true for a chain that only has about 370 million steem and a good chunk of that is in exchanges so the impact of governance of ~100 million is incredibly centralized


Yes, it is. Particularly in view of abandoned accounts and folks that have lost keys. I hear about this frequently enough that there is probably a significant amount of Steem unavailable to vote for witnesses. That magnifies Tron's influence some.

Prior to the Soft Fork, I was told Tron controlled 150% of stake available to vote for witnesses. That has since changed, and many more people are now voting for witnesses than were in the past. According to, there was a lot less lost Steem than I had assumed.



Thanks for the timcliff notes! <---- Sheer humor. No hostility or prodding at all!

Glad to see you were being fair minded and then realized later what you eventually realized. Life is assuredly a journey of lessons and at least you have learned something along the way.

I agreed with you originally and am sad to see that you've reached the point of giving up on working with Sun, but trust your judgment based on witness meetings with him and his advocates. I still think all witnesses should revert back to the version before his funds were locked. It's not like he can move them before powering them down. The power down period is now what is securing things. Once that is done, Sun really doesn't have a leg to stand on in his arguments for continuing to vote his own witnesses. He either powersdown and does what he wants with his funds, but can't vote witnesses, or he stays powered up so he can continue trying to wipe out our witnesses. Done.

The version that community witnesses are currently running is the same code as before the soft fork. In some cases the version numbers are different, but the code is the same as 22.1 (pre soft fork).

0.22.4444 is the same as 22.1? How confusing.

Agreed, lol. Here is a post that explains the differences (in the comments):

Thanks for this statement! There is no doubt about which side you chose now. Disagreement about softfork is totally different from the current events imo. You are respected with your choice, and now even more respected because you back your community!

Whats the solution???

Are you willing to invest the resources that Steem needs to move forward? Its been months of pain for users of this platform, if someone is going to put millions of dollars into a project isn't it only fair they come with their own biases???

What exactly are the witnesses proposing moving forward, the biggest bears has been Steemit and witnesses cashing out to maintain operation. What solution are you putting forward???

I am working behind the scenes with a lot of other witnesses and stakeholders to try and figure out the best path forward.

Would love your feedback on my proposal to "do nothing".

It is unlikely that the stakeholders in the community will build consensus around that idea. #3 is the biggest sticking point.

When that plan is done, would be nice to hear what you guys have decided.

I also think as a thought leader within this community, you should take a mending role and broker something between community and Justin Sun, I just don't feel like the tone was best.

Justin Sun is also taking a huge risk, this can all go to zero and with any businessman, I don't think that would be in his vision. From what I gather, i believe he is more looking for a return on investment and market Tron blockchain, we should try to see how best we can achieve all those objectives and preserve Steem blockchain.

It is also important to note that Steem path before the announcement wasn't sustainable and the ship was sinking, so witnesses should not even be entertaining business as usual. This is a stake base blockchain, if witnesses want a "hard-SteemExist", they should be prepared to out spend Justin and that isn't feasible as they were not even able to maintain operation before (financially).

We should also not push Justin Sun away, he is the only serious business man that has put in hand up and put his money behind it. He sees value and lets not throw that down the drain. The Steem token needs it, technically and fundamentally this kind of investment removes a dark cloud (financial) over its head and developers and witnesses can at least see a path of them getting reward for their work along with bloggers. I feel like Ned Scott was cornered and probably did what he saw was best for him and the people he was responsible for.

I also think as a thought leader within this community, you should take a mending role and broker something between community and Justin Sun, I just don't feel like the tone was best.

In my mind, that opportunity is gone.

Excuse me?

Huge risk? HE'S the HUGE risk. And the ship wasn't sinking prior Justin, in fact we're OK after a full year of developments.

Justin had their opportunity to be 'nice', now he showed their real intentions. He just wanted to P&D us. 0 Value there.

Let him do what he wants with his stake, evidently we can fight off his voting. At least to a degree where he doesn't have full control. And while he's powering down we need to change governance so it's not 30 votes, but something more manageable.

There is not consensus among the stakeholders to go that route.

Not yet, but governance needs to change. I've heard some talk about 10 votes or something to that degree. I'm sure this can be worked out over extensive talks, like everything here. :P

One of the reasons why I have you listed as one of my Witnesses

Principaled, thoughtful, and well spoken.
Thank you for representing us.

Thanks a lot for standing with the community !

If there were code changes to limit the power of any large stake-holders but still allow them to protect their interests, could you still see a synergistic future for Tron and Steem together?


@timcliff, In my opinion you've always put Steem Blockchain first and it's appreciable aspect. This is super dynamic and historical time too for the Steem Blockchain and Community as a whole. Let's win Collectively and stay blessed.

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I feel very similarly to yourself. Despite my doubts and dire prediction I had hopes for a synergistic relationship between TRON and STEEM to develop. I even proposed a roadmap of sorts but very quickly realised that it would never get buy in from either side.

I think Justin has shown his hand though. A chain takeover attempt was always on the cards, I am only surprised he was able (and willing) to pull in exchange stake to force it. The community has also shown it's determination live on - whether on this chain or the next.

There is actually a lot more at stake here than just the STEEM blockchain and I think the broader crypto movement knows it too.

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