My Road to 100000 Steem Power & Self-Improvement Log Day 38

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This is my journey towards 100000 Steem Power Day 38 with no prior investments! Meaning I started on Steem with 0 account value!). I am a very dedicated individual and I want you guys to be a part of my journey to get you motivated and to learn from my mistakes!

Besides my daily description of what I did to reach that goal today, I will also use this as a "journal" to keep track of my other personal goals.

If you have any suggestions, want to help or work together with me or just want to leave feedback then just write that in the comments.

What I did Today to Reach my Goal

Today I wrote a post about the communities that I am a part of and have been part of for you guys to increase your profits and to network with other Steemians. You can read that post HERE.

Besides that I wrote the 30 comments and this post is almost done as well. I am thinking about starting my own community on a Discord server for Steemians who need to say how they want to say it (politically incorrect).

I would also include the best features of all the other communities and active leadership would be guaranteed.

If some guys here have experience with setting up a Discord Server and the bots then write me in the comments.


Personal Goals

Guitar Mastery - Play 90% of the Song "Asylum" by "Disturbed" successfully by July 2018
Day 6 of practicing part 4. Progressed from 80% straight to 87% like a boss. The pain on my trigger finger is completely gone and I predict to be able to play this part in 4-5 days at 90% speed.


Training - Reach 90KG with 12% Bodyfat by July 2018
Leg fucking day. I was tired because I didn't even get the 5 hours of sleep last night because I was only rolling around. That is the revenge for staying up too long on Sunday.

Anyway, I beat the current max easily.



I woke up at 05:15 today and finished my routine. I actually don't want to write this post right now because I am hungry & annoyed.

Annoyed because I have to write this shit every motherfucking day. However, it is absolutely worth it. I already inspired 2 people to start a goal orientated journal here on Steem as well.

You can find those posts in my resteems! Besides that I am thinking about building my own community on Discord for everyone who values free speech.

Aka a server where writing racist, sexist locker room whatever talk does not get you kicked. Tired of these slaves of society.

I will research & try to set up a server by myself. If you know how that works and want to help me then leave a comment & we can get started.

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My Website: Youtube Channel


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The first not cold shower in 3 weeks. Felt like the king of the world.

If you want to enjoy something again you have to get rid of it for some time.

You don't realize what you have until it's gone. I wish my wife understood that. But the way you explained it is a cold way to put it.

I admire your commitment!

This tempts me to write a journal too. :)

You will be able to inspire many more with your dedication, I am already on the third day since I started the challenge and I am still very focused on it.

I like the idea of the new server, that's where we could eliminate stress, sometimes you need to say things as they are, freely. I do not know how much I can get to expel, being frank, haha, but everything is for good

Much success my friend @valorforfreedom and we keep going

Free speech is very important. It is sad that some communities don't support that.
Nobody will get kicked or censored on my server for being politically incorrect.

It does not matter if it is sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, insults or whatever phobias and ism's are out there.

Everyone there can defend themselves there and discuss.

Anyway, much success to you too and we will win!


Here is the link to join my community on discord:

(You can become an admin if you are active every day and introduce members to the community and kick spammers.)

That's right, there must be that freedom of expression in a server that is called discord for something.

Now that I can organize better with my time, I will be able to see if I will be able to accept the position, although I tell you that I would love to be an administrator, but I do not want to fail in any way.
For now I will register the server :)

Awesome, see you in the chat!

I think my road is to 5000 sp - I feel like that is enough to make a difference here.

I'm glad you are getting off the bots. Join the curation league of @abh12345 and you will learn a lot about how to vote. I've done much better by being a part of that.

I'm writing some posts about the interview questions you gave me. One will come soon and I really thank you for the push!

Sounds good Sharon. 5000 SP currently equals 42 cents which ain't bad.

Curation is a waste of time for me at the moment, I only have 2 cents and I use all those for my followers & good content.

I wonder what you will post!

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