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RE: Justin Sun Conversation with Witnesses Is Online. @Ned Sold Out The Community - Failed to Disclose.

in #steem3 years ago

Agree 100% on the childish .4444 shit - apart from that I am proud about the community and especially that we finally get some support from big guys of other blockchains.


sorry i (genuinely) don’t get what is childish about the number?

I know there’s some ties to death or the devil in numerology but that’s about it...

oh well - forgive me as a German I should stay away - but it is racism in my view (or could be seen as it - at least it is attacking via childish shit) to use such numbers that offend anyone in the Chinese World

I have seen language calling Steemit employee a "monkey" and to vote for a "human," in addition to cries of "Chinese communism" from multiple witnesses. These statements are dog-whistles for ignorant xenophobia and racism.

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