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RE: Our 11th Official Meetup in Davao City | Steem Philippines

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It was a great feeling knowing others came. It truely is awesome to learn and grow. Even if I am not technically as advance in this new world of crypto currency and computers. People that come, build a friendly atmosphere and begin to feel more like a family. Steem family. I am learning as I go. It's interesting as well as exciting, what our wonderful Steem family has planned to grow in Steem and things we do now and what plans we like to have for the future. I really see a bright future with our Steem family and Steem Crypto. I feel it's going to walk up slowly, pick up a pace, run away and then the sky's the limit. It feels good knowing I will have a long future in crypto. Only thing I got to do now, is buy more Steem Crypto Coins and watch it sky rocket. In a few years, after a lot of bugs worked out, it will change with things added, people more involved in Steem Crypto and as I predict it will rause 100 - 1000 times here in the the near future. It jyst takes patients and understanding how it works and how it will workout for the future. So many people with ideas and knowledge to do the job of making Steem Crypto expand. Everyone from wisdom, knowledge, experiences, IT, knowledge in life. Keep liking, voting, commenting and buying. It will be worth it in the long run. I got that Gibbs gut feeling. It's kicking in again. Who knows, in 15 to 20 years, I can retire again. Hahaha. Atleast I will have something to leave behind for my family. That comforts me. Be safe, Take care and GBU all.

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Awesome insights Daddy G! Take care also and Godbless you too! 😀

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