Well Steemit are you going t work?

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I started off this day looking forward to finally being ready to use Steemit and tie it in with my blog I just started and then frustration set in.

What should be a simple action of typing up my post and clicking that nice blue Post button. Nothing. What? HHhmmmm.

Try it again. Type up an equally benign post and attach an image to make it more eye catching and a little more me and again, nothing. What the shit, as they say where I come from. So, I turn to the FAQ. Good information if I want to learn about the multi-level marketing system that I'm beginning to believe Steem is but I shall carry on, digging and looking for help with the issue of post not being posted. again, nothing.

Tons of information on how to upvote your friends, and making Steem, and witnesses etc. I thought I walked into an infomercial, similar to @jerrybanfield Beginning to Crypto Currency Investing course. But no help whatsoever on technical issues with the site.

Hunting around for a link to actual technical support nothing. Not earning Steem? Find help here. Want to upvote? Go here. Need upvotes? Ask here.

Site not working properly........ crickets.

And during this time to further annoy me, a notice that @jerrybanfield has a new video , Earn $50, 000 per day!!!! Yea, right. Very deceitful if you ask me. So one more time trying to create a post. One that was supposed to be the start of something new and interesting quickly devolving into frustration and now outright ass kicking time. So we shall see.

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Interesting, this post worked after my rant for some reason. Go figure. Time to take some time and cool down now I guess and find my center again after allowing myself to get frustrated.

From what I understand, stuff isn't working because of the DDOS attacks. You might want to try using https://busy.org/ but if you are going to keep using steemit.com I would suggest writing ever thing on notepad or something so then you don't lose everything you type.
As for making $50 a day on steemit. It isn't that far fetched. You just have to put time in to it everyday and reinvesting everything you get in to steempower and after a couple years you'll be making around that amount. Of course it would take alot less time if you were putting money from an outside source into your steempower.


Thanks for the info about the DDOS attacks. That would explain some of the issues. I have begun using Workflowy and MS Word for outlining and building post but I am always curious about new tools and ways to develop content.

And it said $50,000 not 50. And I was extremely frustrated by the time I got to there which is no excuse, and I will do a follow up post.

Thanks again Wix.

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