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RE: Steem.Supply Update: Rewards Algorithm Rewrite, Major Cleanup, Version Bump

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Is it possible to switch payouts for posts to be 100% SBD somehow? Wouldn't that result in a higher USD value overall for the payout?


I don't think it's possible right now. It will most likely require a hardfork, if ever the witnesses agree to change the consensus.

oh ok, i thought maybe some UIs allowed more options than just 50/50 or 100% steem power.

Rewards are part of the consensus, they do not depend on UI.

Since posts are made via UIs, the options available for choosing post payouts depends on UIs supporting the available options - for example does not currently support splitting payouts between multiple beneficiaries, yet it can be done at the blockchain level and is done by other UIs. I thought that, as with beneficiaries, more options existed for SBD/Steem splits than is visible in the Seemit UI - but maybe not.

but maybe not.

yep, not.


Since posts are made via UIs

not necessarily true. You can interact with the blockchain directly via the cli_wallet, if you wish...

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