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What is a Vote Bidding Bot?

A Vote Bidding Bot enables you to place a Bid on a partial Upvote of it´s full strength. To always guarantee a 100% Vote being split among all Bidders.

Bids open every 2.4 hours. Alice and Bob both bid for in the same voting batch. If Alice bids 4 SBD and Bob bids 2 SBD, Alice will get a 66.66% upvote and Bob will get a 33.33% upvote.

Current power - 5,607 SP upvote worth around 1.4$

Here's how it works:

  • Copy the URL of the post / comment you want @upyou to vote on
  • Navigate to your Wallet
  • Select Transfer under Steem Dollars
  • Populate To field with "upme"
  • Populate Amount field min "0.1" SBD
  • Paste URL into Memo field
  • Submit

Current rules

  • Bid on comments is Allowed.
  • Maximum post age 150 hours (18 hours before payout)
  • Accepted currency - SBD
  • Refund policy: Auto refunds

Happy bidding.

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What happened?
Why did upyou get undelegated?
Appreciate your typically responsible action of automatic refunds due to it.
Hope you get powered up back and get back to action soon.

This comment has received a 23.54 % upvote from @steemdiffuser thanks to: @stimialiti. Steem on my friend!

Above average bids may get additional upvotes from our trail members!

Get Upvotes, Join Our Trail, or Delegate Some SP

Do you vote for comment?

Good work, I understand.

I send 0.14 sbd but i dont send my memo link address
please vote this post

thanks for my sbd refund

I have a question: I sent 0.1 SBD to a bot (upyou) and it said that the vote value would be 1.08$ and as it voted I just got about 0,35$. Am I understanding the vote value wrong? Should I not get 1.08$ for the vote?
@aki0007 0.10 SBD $0.91 3.57% $1.10

You got a 50.00% upvote from @upyou thanks to @suggeelson!

Populate To field with "upme" ?????
What it means ? Are you "upme" or "upyou" ?

Yeah, I sent to @upyou and I just read as well it says "upme" - which is it?

Well, never using your service again and will make sure our crew does not either.

please is the spd 0.1 or 0.001?..i will like to try and see

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thanks for the support

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