Upvotebuilders Weekly Report - 2

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Hey UpvoteBuilders,

We Need A Contest Judge – Little Pay Included In Package – Read further for details and apply in comment area.

Welcome to @UpvoteBuilders everyone, this is our second weekly report and we are happy to say we are progressing gracefully. Post of daily news updates have been daily since the launching of the community so that members will be carried along with the development and progress of the community daily and that was why we encouraged members to read our daily post.


News Updates:

Half Early Bird Gift For Members 51 And Above

Based on your majority of your response, members 51 and above will only be receiving half early bird boosted upvote gift until it expires.

Example: If you delegate 100 SP to the community pool, you will be on level 3 and you are to receive 10% daily upvote, but with the early bird boosted upvote gift you receive the next level upvote which is 20% daily. Now for members 51 and above, they will be getting half the gift which is 15% daily upvote. Remember, the early bird gift is only for 4 weeks starting from the day the community was launched. That means we only have 2 weeks early bird gift days to go.

Why wait to be member 51 when you can join now and get full early bird gift? Remember, we only have 4 spaces left.

Posts And Mentions

We are extremely grateful to members that have been spreading the word about the community through their post and mentions. This is indeed helping to promote and advertise the community to a broader audience. Your efforts are much appreciated as this is cheaper than using bid-bots.

Membership Upgrade

Some of our members have been kind enough to upgrade their membership by delegating additional SP to their current delegated SP. This is really helping to grow the community SP which in turn grows the value of our upvotes. It is also good you use this period to grow your membership level so that when the early bird period ends and the gift stops you will still be getting higher upvotes because of the higher membership level you have grown your membership to.

Membership SP delegation will help reduced our reliance on leasing SP. Help us grow this community to encourage the content creators that are poorly rewarded through the upvote value they receive. So we need the big time delegators to join us and reap the benefits available for all members.

Membership Status

We currently have 46 members with a total delegated SP of 6,620 SP, we leased 5,800 SP and 1001.5 SP from a free sponsor. Our members SP is getting bigger than the leased SP, this is very good and we hope it skyrockets soon. You can check out all the details on the table below. Please remember that the early bird gift starts counting from the day of launch of this community.

upvotebuilders-SP Status - 4-3-2019.jpg


@blueeyes8960, @dominion01, @steemturbo, @antobrige, @crypt-skip, @mhm-philippines, @j85063, @ojukwu, @atongis, @shikika, @emergehealthier, @bengy, @tattoodjay, @luppers, @practicaleric, @actifit-peter, @cflclosers, @grizzabella, @paramimd, @photocircle, @funtraveller, @davedickeyyall, @el-dee-are-es, @lyann, @incubot, @definethedollar, @mariannewest, @roger5120, @preparedwombat, @pouchon, @evernoticethat, @thereikiforest, @jayna, @fiicjames, @backinblackdevil, @cwow2, @ericet, @kaelci, @curationvoter, @curationhelper, @devilsmonster, @monstersvote, @blacklux, @walloom, @arunava, @dknkyz

The community is grateful for your membership – There Is Power In Unity

Members Weekly Rewards

We are happy to say we have earned 11.595 SBD from rewards from curation + authors rewards with the past 2 weeks, remember the first week was too little to consider sharing. We did not get rewards in Steem because payout has been based on SBD for some time now. As you know 30% of this reward is to be shared among members based on their level in the community. We are very thankful to @blueeyes8960 for mentioning our post and also thanking to @theycallmedan for upvoting it.
Happy to report that all payments have been disbursed, you can check your wallet for confirmation. You can follow the explanation below to understand what you got as your share of the curation reward.

Total SBD earned = 11.595SBD

30% of 11.595SBD = 3.4785SBD

Total number of membership levels subscribed to is 120

Value per membership level is 3.4785SBD / 120 = 0.029SBD

What this means is that if you are on level one you will receive 0.029SBD as your weekly payment. If you are on level 2 you multiple the same figure with 2 which give you 0.058SBD as your payment and it continues like that.

Thank you for your delegation and upvotes, we believe as our delegation and upvotes given and received grows our rewards will continue to grow. So don’t stop upvoting our post or promoting it because it is going to come back to you.

Leasing Additional SP

None of the community sponsors requested for any rewards so the share of the curation reward mapped out for such + the share mapped out for powering up will be used to lease more SP which will further boost the upvote value you receive and in turn earn more rewards for the community. As we have mentioned, we still prefer our own SP to be the major source of our upvotes so we need more members and higher SP delegations, thank you.

Contest Judge

We need a one-time unbiased contest judge that will not participate in the contest. Your job should you choose to accept it, is to read through all the post link members submit on the comment section as their submission for the contest and make a decision on which post is the best for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. As already mentioned, it is a one-time job so you can compete in subsequent contest if you choose to contest. Your reward is not so much, just 2 Steem which will be donated by the admin. We believe your task well greatly benefit the community and we will always appreciate your support for the community.

So, if you have time to read through contestants post and can make unbiased decisions. Please let us know in the comment section. Note, if you are not chosen now, we still have more contest to run and all we need to do is pick the next choice and the next and maybe start all over.

Note: The successful judge announced to the community on Wednesday when the contest is published



The 5% mapped out for contest rewards is currently not enough to run a contest because after conversion to Steem we are going to get about 1.4 Steem or there about. The admin however, feels a contest should be run and will fund the balance of whatever that is left.

The Prizes:

1st prize – 3 Steem

2nd prize – 2 Steem

3rd prize – 1 Steem

The contest will be announced on Wednesday so writers, put on your thinking caps and gear up for the challenge. If you would like to help support the rewards for contestants you can send in your Steem to @upvotebuilders. The community will be very appreciative of your gesture.


Membership @upvotebuilders is by DELEGATION ONLY, it is not a paid for community. If you want to sponsor the community you can freely delegate SP to us and specify that it is for sponsorship or you can send us Steem/SBD to lease more SP. Our sponsors don’t receive upvotes from the community account except they specifically want to be a member and also sponsor the community in the way they feel best for them.

To join just delegate SP to @upvotebuilders based on the membership level you want to belong to according to the chart below:

Membership Delegation Levels

Level 1: 10 - 49 SP delegation - 2% voting weight
Level 2: 50 - 99 SP delegation - 5% voting weight
Level 3: 100 - 249 SP delegation - 10% voting weight
Level 4: 250 - 499 SP delegation - 20% voting weight
Level 5: 500 - 999 SP delegation - 30% voting weight
Level 6: 1,000 – 2,499 SP delegation - 45% voting weight
Level 7: 2,500 – 4,999 SP delegation - 60% voting weight
Level 8: 5,000 – 7,499 SP delegation - 70% voting weight
Level 9: 7,500 – 9,999 SP delegation - 85% voting weight
Level 10: 10,000 SP delegation and above gets you 100% voting weight

All membership delegation levels will receive one upvote daily (every 24 hours) this is to curtail abuse of the system. You can always increase, decrease or undelegate to @upvotebuilders at any time and we will adjust your voting weight accordingly.

How To Delegate @upvotebuilders

Goto https://steembottracker.com/bottracker.html,

• Click on "Tools" and then "Delegation Manager".

• Enter your username without "@" symbol as Delegator name.

• Click on "Load" button.

• Write "upvotebuilders" as Delegatee name.

• Enter amount as Steem Power.

• Click on "Delegate!" button.

• Steemconnect page will open and now you should click on "Continue" button to approve delegation.

You can also undelegate using this method by changing the delegation value to 0. Thank you.

In Conclusion

We appreciate all members that have joined and will continue to work so that you receive the best rewards for your commitment to the community. We need more members to grow our SP so continue to spread the word by resteeming our post. Upvoting us means you earn more from part of the curation rewards you will be receiving at the beginning of every week (Monday), we suggest you put @upvotebuilders on your autovoting list to make it easier to upvote us. Follow us if you haven’t and best of all, we would like your feedback and comments. Thanks always.




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@upvotebuilders I am currently delegating 30 SP as an Early Bird Member can I upgrade my Delegation to 100 SP

Hello @arunava, you can always upgrade your SP delegation anytime you want and we will update it accordingly. Thank you for you support always.

Just delegated 100 SP

Hello @arunava, thank you so much for your support, your account has been upgraded. There is power in unity!

I will offer to be judge. 😎

Hello @definethedollar, thank you so much for your offer, you are included in our considerations list. The final choice will be announced on Wednesday. Thanks again.

Just delegated 10 SP


Hello @alvin0617, Thank you so much for your support, your account has been added with the early bird gift. There is power in unity!

I'm willing to be a judge.

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Hello @emergehealthier, thank you so much for your offer, you are included in our considerations list. The final choice will be announced on Wednesday. Thanks again.

Am I able to join early bird still? Delegated 10Sp😁

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Hello @minloulou, thank you so much for your support, your account has been added with the early bird gift, you are member 48. There is power in unity!

So cool! Appreciated

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