SHTF Trigger Event? Not Really, IMO, but the Start of Hyperinflation? THEN SHTF???

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Special Thanks to @eaglespirit for alerting me to this latest news! :*


Fine then, here's the gist of it. The US Treasury Sec. Scumbag Steven Mnuchin has said he backs a Stable U$Dollar, which will be "stable" against the Chinese ¥uan as opposed to Stable and Strong against all World Currencies. CURRENCY WARS, it's a 'race to the bottom', China thinks they can win, TPTB think the U$D can 'win' and so does Mnuchin. I have read that he was on "the list" of candidates for the open jobs that Trump was presented by TPTB and Trump's strategy has been to go ahead and appoint from this 'list', give the Establishment person enough rope to hang themselves and then say...


In this case, it will accomplish 2 things: Devalue the U$D severely, and allow the prices of Precious Metals to climb to the levels they should currently be trading at, naturally. Mannarino said when this announcement hit, the markets reversed immediately. He is holding off, not buying anything at this time. I'm not a stock guy but I am glad I have already removed my captive 401A from this market. Bonds will take a serious hit as well, the T-bonds rate setting folks (again, it's in the video!) have held off on rate increases to try and avoid further "damage" than those statements have already created.

My opinions:

Some Believe that the "Good Guys" have a plan to hyperinflate the U$D and let it Crash and Burn, so as to remove it's debt structure from off our necks forever. I know that if we got off FIAT and back to Sound Money, I will make sure and never vote for DEBT Again! That is the instrument TPTB uses to enslave us, the debt our "leaders" get us into, makes us the servants of the lenders. Perhaps this wild ride will break their backs, I have said for years that the SHTF will MOST LIKELY BE FINANCIAL, and this could be the trigger event. Watch the markets the next few weeks, but it looks GOOD for Cryptos and PMs, and Precious Metals Backed PMs are the best of Both Worlds! Make sure these coins have a 100% Physical, REDEEMABLE in Physical Metal clause. If the Fed and the Treasury are serious about a "Weak Dollar" policy, then it is ON Like Donkey Kong! 95 of the top 100 Cryptos are UP and the other 5 are barely down, Gold is UP< Silver up 3% (PM info in the video) The DOW-JONES was running up 200 points and dropped at this announcement, net up 50 for the day, but the S&P and NASDAQ were both down. Buckle Up, and see where this goes.

I hate to be alarmist, but this could be significant. Unless they have this in a complete stranglehold of control, but at some point something has got to give! Steem Prices are $6.58 05:05 UTC 1-25-18

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If we go to financial war with China let's not forget who buys the most U.S. debt. And China has already said last week that they were planning on scaling back their purchases of U.S. Treasury debt. Is this the response from the Treasury Dept? Shit could be getting very real.


China has been around for thousands of years longer than the US. They strategize in terms of Millenium, when we in the west think of tomorrow. In the long run, China isn't going anywhere, they can outlast any fiscal policy known to man, and they know it. The dollar standard is nothing but a spec of dust to them.


CHINA also Invented Paper, Fiat Currency! They ran the gamut of Precious Metals money, to PM Backed Paper, to FIAT (unbacked) to hyperinflation and back to real money, all before most of Europe was getting a good start.

Paper money was made by the Tang Dynasty in China in 740 B.C. They made the paper money as an offshoot of the invention of block printing. Block printing is like stamping. Some people used the process for quilts, but the government made ready use of it in printing money.
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You're pretty smart for a BABY! ;)
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LOL I've been covering financial markets as a writer for forex companies for going on 7 years. I've been digesting this shit every single day. Anyone with half a brain who follows GLOBAL markets can see what's going on.

Too many people just focus on one market, but they're all interconnected. Currencies and precious metals have been acting weird for at least six months (precious metals actually longer), but no one cares because equities keep rising and equities are what the msm feeds to the masses.

I guess this post is relevant to the one i just posted and our conversation there!! haha that's awsome. A return to sound money is a must indeed. Other countries like China , Russia and Iran are most likely to step up to the plate and in favor for that. Ever herd of the dragon families? I would imagine you did. It ties in with 9/11 as well.


Far East bunch, Right? I think my older stacker friend has referred to them a few times. I'm too far down the rabbit hole to back out now LOL! Thanks for the follow and checking out my blog.

Wow, I never saw this mention! Buahaha

I watch this guy almost daily. xoxo

I think what is happening trade and tariffs are coming down the pipe all these countries that are getting hit don't like it. Big shift coming business, as usual, going to take a hit. Some bigwigs are going down.

Good post,, i like it👍👍👍👍


WHAT do you like about it?

Such a good topic. I don't know what can happen. But I will follow you to understand better the situation :)

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That's scary.

Very good posting.
the principles of a debt society is putting people in invisble chains and telling them they are free. It works in favour of those who lend money and simultaniously devaluating it in the peoples own pockets by creating it out of nothing by giving credit / selling the illusion of freedom. So the people have to go to the thieve to lend back the money (that has been robbed by the thieve) in order to afford a living, devaluating their own and other peoples money. That's the cycle of theft and debt. At the bottom of this downward spiral nobody will know who owes whom what but everyone wants their money back but don't know from whom and no one can pay. There will be no fiat left only stockpiles of guns, metals and crypto. The relief of all debts will be the only measure left to keep peace.

the debt our "leaders" get us into, makes us the servants of the lenders

Yes, and it's no accident we're conditioned into personal debt too (along with national debt). Debt creates slaves.

Note to self: learn more acronyms. I know SHTF (thanks)

I agree. Steem's looking good. It's catching more mainstream buzz too which will only make it better. Yay!

Anj x