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RE: HF20 Update: Hardfork Complete

in #steem3 years ago

Sorry guys, this HF was no success, this is a desaster.

Nearly everybody below ORCA-Level is not able to do anything.

I voted twice after the HF20 and my voting power dropped from around 50% to 1.5%. Please check if there is not another bug in the current software version.


Du bekommst meinen ersten Vote, seit ich auf 100% Voting Mana aufgeladen habe. Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt :-)
Ich hoffe, dass das System sich nun wieder gutmütig verhält.
Bei den nächsten Votes werde ich es sehen.
Let's make Steemit great again!

Given the size of the upgrade I'd say it was a relative success.

We are only having a hard time doing actions using the public facing websites like steemit. The network is working fine in the back. Full functionality should come back to after the replay process of their RPC nodes which should complete in a few more hours.

"We are only having a hard time doing actions using the public facing websites like steemit."

So it's been working fine except for the parts the vast majority of people see and use.

I hope that in future is focused on "Custeemer first"


P.S.: I will vote your comment on Sunday too, does not make sense to vote atm

I am not going to bother with trying to game the system. I intend to just maintain normal activity levels despite the upheaval.

We are only having a hard time doing actions using the public facing websites like steemit.

This is not at all true. It was not an interface issue.

This is either abject ignorance or very poor spin.

The main problem was negative mana which had been solved on all but RPC nodes. I wasn't able to post this when steemit was on 0.20.2 now I can.

I agree that claiming success was wrong and premature.

Of course the chain is running fine, but we had a Service Outage for 99,9% of the STEEM users for 24 Hours and I assume that a lot of curators will vote no posts within the next 3-4 days until they reach their usually Votingpower.

At the current state of the STEEM ecosystem such a downtime is annoying, but if we look a few years ahead, and then run more and larger applications on the chain, that's just not allowed to happen.

So this basically means to me that posting material right now is practically useless (if one can post at all) because people won't be voting?

I can only speak for myself here, but I will not vote before sunday, and I will not scroll down my feed and discord bots for older posts. And I assume that a lot of curators will do the same.

I plan to keep on posting regardless of the chaos.

For the most part, you're right, but there will be a few votes. People will be acting VERY conservatively with their votes right now.

Well, your post was 14 hours ago, so I have to ask "how long is 'a few hours' for you?"
Hardfuck 20 took place on 25 September.
Your alert says users may experience problems "for 24 hours."
Today is 27 September.
I have not posted in 12 days, but your system says I have "run out of resource credits" and cannot post my latest writing.
How is this "working fine?"

Read the article above about waiting 24 hours? Hope in a couple hours things are worked out, I am able to do more and see improvements

Before HF20 I didn't read anywhere that my voting power is set to zero. It is incomprehensible to me that this basic usecase was not properly tested.

How could they test without implementing?

We have to pass the bill to see what's in it, eh? This is the kind of problem that should have been caught in some kind of sandbox fork test.

100% agreement.
It would have been so much easier if they would have properly tested it in previous. These are bugs which must have been noticed then.

Or they just do not everything in one time and split the whole hardfork to correct bugs before they are relevant. This could have been done by introducing the protocolls of resource credits and voting mana first and letting them equilibrate for a week fixing all bugs found. After that they could have made the "real" hardfork by giving these protocols their function. So before they were just existing and after the second change they were the variables which matter for actions on the blockchain.

Although my VP is nearly vanishing, I gave you my 100%.
Now I am at 22%. But you deserve it.
From now I will stop voting for 5 days. I read this is the time period needed for avoiding further trouble with the VP, right?

Thank you very much @diana.feuerberg. I will also continue voting (also your comment) on Sunday, when my VP is back at 80-100%.

No... relax and resume normal operations soon we will all learn more

Yeah bro I Can't even post anything.