New Steemit Advertisement (Parody)

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Featuring The Larimer's, Ned Scott, Nick Szabo, Dorian Nakamoto, Blythe Masters and of course Craig Wright

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Here's another version that's NSFW :

Disclaimer : This is not a real advertisement. Craig Wright, Dorian Nakamoto, Nick Szabo and Blythe Masters have no affiliation with Steem or had nothing to do with this fake advertisement. It was created for fun by individuals with no affiliation to Full credit for the original goes to the original image owner. Sorry we are too cheap to buy your service to create fake ads. Steemit sign art credit goes to SteemServices.

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I hate to be the dick.. But does the guy in the middle have an extra 21st chromosome or something?

ProTip : Time for you to create a new account. This one won't be earning much on Steem after insulting a Founder's father.

I am not concerned about that because he certainly has a sense of humour :)

PS just an observation... when I upvoted above a response that had $0.99 and only one downvote , the "pending payment" decreased to $0.03 !!!(seems to be a bug)

aw homie why you upvote? I was showing @dan the bug.

Never mind I didn't get what you were saying. That is even wackier.

i'm sorry but that is funny. regardless the fact many of us know the person---everyone has a photo of themselves that if cut the wrong way will make them look special. Luckily I have at least 3 :D

Thank you so much for that honest and perfectly placed question.

"That awkward moment when you ask if one of the developers kin has downs syndrome"

The best part is, It's in the chain forever!!! If nothing else I'll make a small impression here.

I apologize for my somewhat insensitive comment. I'll try and behave myself a bit better. ;)

Worry out I will fight for

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