New Steemit Images - Feel Free to Use!!

in steemservices •  2 years ago

Here are a couple images Steemservices had created to be used for advertising, let's get the word out about Steemit!



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Well done.. will use it for sure.

$5 when you sign up today!


Might very well soon be $10 and $15 and $20. :)

Here's another NSFW version for the girlsgonesteem-nsfw area :)

I like the simple messaging! You can put this up on a website, but do you guys plan this to be a street flyer to hand out?


That's a great idea. If it's something you feel people will use, we can have a street flyer created no problem!

nice editing

Yes, this looks great for marketing!

Why do posts and comments say "4 hours from now".... like stuff is posted in the future? Also, image links aren't always working... they like work... and then stop working. see


Apparently imgur is blocking hotlinking to steemit


they hate us already? sounds like we are winning!

really pretty! i feel eager to use them

Sorry, I'm on mobile - what's the size of the images?

Nice.... well done!