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RE: How should Steemit Inc decentralize their stake?

in #steem3 years ago

I would oppose airdropping to the "best" Steemians, since that would likely ultimately boil down to a centralized body determining who qualifies as "best". Since the "best" Steemians would probably end up being those that already earn significant rewards (and therefore probably already have connections to one or more whales), this could actually have a centralizing effect, rather than a decentralizing one.

Just my opinion! :)


Not necessarily, there can be a democratic vote on where the airdrops go. But yes, this will be a messy process that's best avoided.

Even if they make this process as fair as possible, certain members and communities will feel like that got screwed, making Steem very sour for them. I don't see how this process can be done without anyone feeling left out and diving the community.

This democratic vote does not work so well here when there are people holding over 20 accounts. Just saying :)

It could be stake-weighed, just like how voting for witnesses is.

Yep, but this will lead to the same old behaviour when few whales will control most of the airdrop. I don't think that there is a clear solution to this yet.