hi @tristancarax I guess there isn't much traction going as far as delegations, yet I do sense a wave of digruntled Steemians that have been down voted. I see mk311 even down voted me again too.... maybe for now tristan, you can up date me on those in a need of a counter down vote, and I will help support those with up votes.... then I can put the word out to the Steem Army and they might just show up to support them too.... what say you?

I simply go here on a regular basis --> and look at his DV trail.

I do wish this would pick up more people but most say that they don't care. I take it as most people don't stand up to bullies.

Thanks @tristancarax I actually started doing that before my post... then realized that it was taking away from this most important post so I stopped, but plan to continue supporting those that are down voted. Well at least those that I believe don't deserve it or at least I can reasonably assume aren't pushing some fraud or whack agenda.
Anyhow, I hope mk311 figures out he, they or however they view themselves, are not winning... in fact they are actually helping the SBI cause from what I can tell. I have heard some have left or aren't posting because of this but I still see many going on about as if nothing happened either, and as for me, every down vote furthers my resolve by either sending SBI to someone or upping my SBI stake....and if push comes to shove... I might just bring a bulldozer.... I hope it doesn't have to come to that.

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