Survey: In a typical week how frequently do you interact with social media websites?

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In a typical week how frequently do you interact with social media websites by either posting or voting on content?

website posts,comments,votes

Example, If you watch 30 Youtube videos in a week, comment 3 times and vote up or down 5 times
Youtube 30,3,5


Example answer

Youtube 30,3,5
Twitter 1,1,1
Instagram 0,0,0
Facebook 0,0,0
Reddit 0,5,10

PS: If you're posting or voting on Steem less than 70 times a week at 2.4 hours interval you're getting shafted!.


Despiction of an exemplar Steemian curating on Steemit 24/7

Suggestion: Reduce voting count from 10 to 5, preferably 1 per day and let the frontends handle the complexity of spreading the user's daily voting power to match their app's use-case.

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Youtube 30,3,5
Twitter 1,2,10
Instagram 0,0,0
Facebook 0,0,0
Reddit 0,5,10

Youtube 15,1,10
Twittter 140,7,100
Facebook 14,1,7
Instagram 63,1,21
Reddit 0,0,0
Steemit 21,7,140

I'll admit I don't read most of the posts that I upvote, I mostly support the people I appreciate having on the platform and who I believe help others stay positive on Steem.

I do upvote a lot of comments though on popular posts as well as on my/our own.

I'll admit I don't read most of the posts that I upvote

Proving my point, not really adding content discovery value

That's could be half true.

I do consciously curate comments based on the order I want them to appear. I.e trying to put the best arguments, most fruitful contributions to the discussion or simply the most interesting questions, to the top. So there I do add content discovery value.

As for posts, I simply don't view voting as participating in content discovery anymore. That because I know my vote means nothing in terms of getting things more seen (a problem Steem has had for as long as I've been here is that you either manage to push something to the top 3 posts on Trending, or your vote has 0 impact in terms of visibility). So this part would not change based on the number of votes I were to throw each day.

Edit: Oh, and I certainly read enough long-form news articles related to politics, economics, innovation, space and science etc elsewhere on the web that I would have been happy to read and properly curate on Steem.

sorry but i understood first element represent posting not post viewing

YouTube - 15,1,1
Twitter - 1,0,0
Instagram - 0,0,0
FB - 0,0,0
Reddit - 5,0,0
Steem - Where’s that infinity symbol when you need it?

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Hi @preparenwombat,
Good ask, I don't think it exists on the keyboard so image.png

Thank you @netuoso we learn every day ∞

great answer hehe

YouTube 5,0,0
Twitter 8,1,5
Facebook 1,1,1
Steem 3, 40, 100


Youtube 80,2,20
Twittter 10,2,2
Facebook 10,5,5
Instagram 0,0,0
Reddit 0,5,10
Steemit 10,10,50

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Youtube 0,1,0
Twitter 40,0,0
Facebook 2,1,0
Steemit 1,10, 50

Youtube 90,2,7
Twittter 10,0,0
Facebook 2,0,0
Instagram 0,0,0
Reddit 0,0,0
Steemit 20,0,0
Steemit 20,1,1 xd

Youtube 100,2,30
I've deleted all other traditional social media... and I don't comment on YouTube much, although I upload and watch plenty

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I only use Steem.... I admit it.

Steem 20, 150, 1000

Youtube 100,0,25
Twitter 0,0,15
Instagram 100,5,25
Facebook 100,5,25
Reddit 5,5,5


YouTube 3,0,0
Facebook 10, 2, 1
Twitter 50, 60, 70
Instagram 2, 0,0
Redit 1, 0,0.

I use Twitter the most.. Could be above the figure given

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Youtube 15,0,0
Twitter 0,0,0
facebook 3,0,1
reddit 500,10,20
steemit 40,20,5

To be fair I can read like 5-20 reddit posts in 10 minutes and I usually watch long youtube videos (10 to 40 minutes) so compraison doesn't really hold

Youtube 0, 0, 3
Steemit 1, 1, 5

So you watch no YT video but go on to downvote on 3 of them, what a troll.

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YouTube, 150, 4, 30

There should be a dApp just for Steem surveys, where it gives a reward to a random Steemian

Sounds like a possible expansion for Dpoll!

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Youtube 100 10 40
Twitter 2 3 10
Reddit 0.2 2 25
Medium 8 0.2 150 (since you can give 50 claps per day)
Steem 40 15 500+? (autovoting counts, right? )

I think that we are all using social media wayy too much(inc myself). But it's almost like we've become robots by staring at our robots.

Youtube 30,20,10
Twittter 20,5,5
Facebook 10,5,5
Instagram 40,10,5
Reddit 0,0,0
Steemit 1,20,10
I am focusing more on steemit now cos I am very passionate about it and ditching most of the other social media platforms

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YouTube 12,2,6
Facebook 25,6,15
Steem 90,60,60

Youtube 35,10,5
Twittter 3,1,1
Facebook 0,0,0
Instagram 7,10,7
Reddit 0,0,0
Steemit (just started) 2,4,6

I am thoroughly enjoying steemit and belive this will be my place of call almost everytime from here on. I genuinely enjoy spending my spare time on here and gain alot of value and hopefully give some to.

Great post by the way!

Take care.

YouTube 18, 2, 4
Facebook 10, 3, 5
Steemit 12, 10, 20
It is important to use social networks, as long as it is for something productive. ¡But remember that it is necessary to sleep!.

I'm fond of youtube, instagram and fb apps. And I visit these apps many times in one day. And it's great coz i get to message my friends there and we can connect with each other, thanx to the internet which we have. And in instagram well, I get to follow important people like the former US president Barrack Obama, Oprah, Angelina Jolie and many other important figures at the same time. I love my android phone coz it has these social apps and I'm very active in the social media with everyone.

Youtube 1,0,0
Twitter 0,0,0
Instagram 2,3,10
Facebook 1,3,10
Reddit 0,0,0
Steemit 3,3,3

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nice answer.

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