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RE: Steem Is The Most Used And Undervalued Blockchain Of All Blockchains

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Steem has come of age at a perfect time!

With the existing corporate social-media platforms banning/censoring/blocking/de-monitizing content, Steem is a wonderful replacement for them!

Add the potential to actually make a little money on top of that and Steem may be off to the races!


Coincidentally. Is all content welcome on steem? Is there even a way to ban people?

As far as I can tell, there is no way to ban people. You can hurt their reputation, but that isnt fatal on

check out @berniesanders

his rep is -18 and he's still kicking

So what would the network do if say someone started posting child porn?

On one hand censorship is bad, but on the other having some content be available here would only hurt steem.

We already had child porn and it got stomped down by the big guys who do police the place. They stomp down bad guys all the time here.

Most people with bad intent do not survive a whale attack because they have no money or resources to fight back. B. Sanders rep is of no concern to him due to his big wallet balance and around 30 well-funded alternate personalities he has created.

I mean I can still view the low reputation posts, even if they are hidden by default.

You're tilting at windmills..

No place (schools, churches, libraries, websites) is EVER going to rid itsef of something that someone else is opposed to.

No place is perfect except heaven, and we arent there yet.

Is there anything else you would like changed to fit your desires?

I don't want anything changed. Frankly, I prefer uncomfortable content over censorship. It is just that I am new here and want to know more about how the system deals with said content.

This is true. Nothing to do about that.

Well, a posting isnt placed into the blockchain until its at least 7 days old, so there is a chance it will be caught.

As a transparent network, its not like they could hide it if they wanted to.

Unfortunately, child porn can be found on the presently popular social media platforms.

Timing is one of the most important things in the adoption of new technologies too.